Sunday, September 26, 2010

No title xP

Hello guys!How are you all?I haven't write here for a long time, I know :( But that has much reasons.. 1 - my parents have tell me to not go on computer for a long time.. :( 2 - I have to study on school and soon I'll have a TEST :( 3 - when I have some free time I must to study maths :(
So, I will ask you can you HELP ME?I need a writer for my blog because I'm not active in that blog either, and I don't have time to open it.. so I need some writers.. no reason who will be or e.t.c. If you wanna be a writer just write here in comment.Also, the writers if are active will get 1 gift per week.

I hope that here will be some comments..
xx, Marija a.k.a Maca_Kiss