Tuesday, July 27, 2010

=] Please! [=

Hello guys! =D Another post by me lol xD But this time, I really need some help that I really want it and need it.. please join in my club -MusicalTown- [click on -MusicalTown- to visit it].And I have one scenery, what I wanna to win with.The name of the scenery is Me - a model! =] [click on Me - a model! =] to visit it!]If I win with that scenery, one lucky person will get 30 stardollers[if it's ss I'll buy from his bazaar] or I'll send him/her gifts worth of 30 stardollers[if it's non-ss]Invite your friends and vote for my scenery, write in presentation, broadcast, make dolls and then vote it and e.t.c., write in your blog and e.t.c. to win 30 stardollers and to help me to make my dream come true and win with my scenery! =]

Thanks for reading,
Maca =]

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