Thursday, July 29, 2010


Please write a comment why you don't write and read my topics..what's the problem?!Please tell me, if I have some mistake I'll make it to be ok, please tell me what's wrong.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

=] Please! [=

Hello guys! =D Another post by me lol xD But this time, I really need some help that I really want it and need it.. please join in my club -MusicalTown- [click on -MusicalTown- to visit it].And I have one scenery, what I wanna to win with.The name of the scenery is Me - a model! =] [click on Me - a model! =] to visit it!]If I win with that scenery, one lucky person will get 30 stardollers[if it's ss I'll buy from his bazaar] or I'll send him/her gifts worth of 30 stardollers[if it's non-ss]Invite your friends and vote for my scenery, write in presentation, broadcast, make dolls and then vote it and e.t.c., write in your blog and e.t.c. to win 30 stardollers and to help me to make my dream come true and win with my scenery! =]

Thanks for reading,
Maca =]

Do u like..

Hello guys! =] How are you all today? I hope you are good, and not boring because I write more than 3 posts per day xD So, here's something what may interest you: See that picture up?That's the scenery what I made it for my friend Nina_fun_girl98 in her club -P-E-T-S- =] I hope you like it =] Click here to view that I do it by myself xD Click HERE to view =] Anyway, I have one more scenery with pose in my sceneries.Click HERE to visit my suite.

Have fun!
xx, Maca

Nothing new.. :S

Well on stardoll is nothing new this days..I don't know what to post now :/ Maybe it has some spoilers or something but I haven't seen ...

I'm writing this only for fun =]
Write here what do you think, did stardoll become boring?=O

xx, Maca =]

Monday, July 26, 2010

Callie send the gifts? :O

Hello guys, again me :D
I just was in my suite when I bought a new free item.I click to the gift box to open the gift and u know what it shows.Then I click on the -> Stardoll Admin and I go in Callie.Stardoll's suite.. try it and you'll see that it's true.. :D

Comments ;)

Hello, new writer =]

Well hello!I'm the new writer in this blog.My stardoll user name is Maca_Kiss .Click to visit me: HERE.About me: My name is Marija, but my friends call me Maki or Maca =] I have 11 years and I love the colors blue and black =]
Anyway, if u haven't seen, it has sale on the shop DECADES.Click HERE to visit the store. =]
I hope I helped =]

More posts coming soon ;)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wow, I love the new layout!

Hey girls!
Long time no post, but I've been super busy.
Anyways, I saw that the blog has been updated! It looks amazing! (:
What do you girls think? Leave a comment!

Friday, July 9, 2010



Dee is back after along.. long.. time.

WOW, stardoll is SO DIFFERENT.. but still so boring. :\ but anyway, i AM back .. definately. So, what am I going to write today? Ah.. well i decided to show-off some of the free, items given away in the "starplaza", to celebrate stardolls new makeover!

Ps. Whatcha guys think of my new dolls looks? : (in the banner)


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Kohl's!

Hello again!
I was on my way to start shopping in the Starplaza & lookie what I found.
A ton of new clothes, Maybe I'll buy some of them instead of older clothes.(:
Who knows? What do you think of this level of clothing? Something new or what?

Makeover Sneak Peek!

Hey Girls,
I've found some new sneak peeks to the makeover. This is what your Bazzar will look like. & that person won't be standing there, It will be your medoll. (: It looks pretty amazing! Don't you think? & I think when someone visits a starbazzar you see their medoll. & when they see yours they see your medoll.

What do you think? Comment!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hey guys & girls, Taylor here!

I have some GREAT news for you guys. Most of us love keeping up to date with Stardoll so we follow lots -n- lots of blogs. Well, you shouldn't have to do that anymore. Stardoll has an OFFICIAL blog. So now we just have to keep our eyes on the new blog, which should be a hit. Tell us in comments if you checked the blog out!(:

Thanx for reading,