Thursday, April 1, 2010


Dear stardoll,
Seeing as I no longer "play" on your site and my only intention for going onto your overpriced website is to talk to my stardoll friends. Sadly, it came to my attention, as I attempted to send a NICE gift to someone who had voted me for covergirl, that there were only two gifts that were CRAP and were NON SUPERSTAR. Yes stardoll, is this really appropriate? Gifts are to thank people and should not be limited to superstars. To add to your unpatriarcial system, I was going to send an item from the furniture shop, well guess what, even the pathetic coke cans are SUPERSTAR. WELL STARDOLL, IVE HAD ENOUGH AND IM SURE EVERYONE ELSE HAS TOO. IM NO LONGER PAYING MONEY TO PLAY YOUR CRAPPY DRESSUP GAMES, SO YOU CAN GO ON HOLIDAYS WITH THE EXPENSE OF MY CASH. STOP BEING STINGY AND LET PEOPLE HAVE A GOOD TIME. AND AT LEAST MAKE THE STUPID COKE CANS NON SUPERSTAR, ITS THE LEAST YOU CAN DO!


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