Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hey guys, sorry I havent posted, but i have very good reasons!

1. I just started year 11, i have 10 exams in 3 weeks, so i need to STUDY. ( yeah i know what the hell am I doing here on stardoll)

2. I couldnt even use stardoll a week ago and then my superstar ran out so the AWESOME post that will be done by sunday (hopefully), was delayed cause i couldnt access all my rooms, which meant i couldnt access all my clothes. And yeah you get the idea..

Well anyway a few things guys,

Ive been getting friend requests and emails saiyng things like, i heard you dont want your account so can i please have it? ... EXCUSE ME, i NEVER said that, ever. So please dont ask or I will block you, yeah ive done it so dont bother testing me. ( Im in a snappy mood aye? I think its cause i just read 15 pages of my politics book and summarised 10 of them and im dead tired because i also had dancing)

But yeah basically guys, my life is busy, school, work, dancing, driving and "trying" to have a social life so please, understand i cant always post and reply to you, all my dearest friends. Although i have no time, my heart is still with this blog. Just want you to know that, specially nancy!

Anyway guys, its 9:18pm and even though im 16 years old, my bed is still calling my name so early. Look out for my awesome post. (its gonna be awesome)

Peace outtttttt :]

lots of love Dee!


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tayl0r6298 said...

Im going to be having the same problem! :/ I have all these tests and speeches coming up and Im getting mad. I hate speaking in front of classes. And we have a speech every Tuesday of Feburary!! :/ Then I have a Math quiz and Science Test tm. And then a Social Studies Test Tues! :/