Friday, February 12, 2010

V-day Gift(:

Hey guys, If you recieved the email from stardoll about Valentine's day coming up. And tht you should by a Flamming hearts outfit for the party at the V-day stores. Well tht email also included a little something something!(: Stardoll included tht they were giving out a free Valentine's day surprise for every stardoll member! So watch for a little something in your suite's Sunday!!♥
xx Taylor
If I don't post sooner, Have a GREAT Valentine's Day!♥♥♥

2 comments: said...

You, too. But there was no present, Was there?

tayl0r6298 said...


yeah. You had to dress up Valentina and Valentino or whatever their names were. And you went to your suite and had a gift from Stardoll.