Thursday, February 11, 2010


+ PrincessHila here. +
So there's a new shop called AMY CLAIRE .
I like the new shop, but the items are only for Superstars
Some of the clothes are really simple, but I really like the design of them. There is only one pair of shoes which is for Non-SS but that pair is nothing special.
What do you think of them?

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tayl0r6298 said...

The click this doesn't work. So if you want to fix it or something, I'm just letting you know(:

And does Stardoll have it where you can just click it in the Starplaza under the Shops?

tayl0r6298 said...

But, from looking at the picture. I like some of the items. I agree the shoes aren't anything special. And I would like to see more like dresses for non ss. Cuz we only get like jeans and t-shirts. :/ It would be nice to see more for the non ss..don't you think?