Wednesday, February 10, 2010

50 Million Members(:

It's Taylor, And yes Stardoll has reached 50 million members(:
So...for this celebration they have put out some decent and okay items.
The items with a green box around them are free. The soda bottles are no hooked together.
The shirt doesn't fit good by itselt, but I'm sure you could style it!(:
Then there's a golden 50 wall design(: Everything else is from 1-3 Stardollars and for everyone!
So go get playing&earning(:

4 comments: said...

These leggings look cheap and the dress looks really bad, sorry, that's what I think.

tayl0r6298 said...

Yeah, I didn't like the leggings. And then to finish one of the manakins they didn't even make anything they just took something from Fallen Angel which is really trashy.
And it doesn't really even look like they took time and effort on any of this. I thought some of it was nice but, I was shocked at the style. I think Stardoll thinks we're in the 80's or something? :/
I also think they need to work harder on nicier clothes!

And thanks for giving your opion! said...

Well, I guess they do. But the 80's style is not that bad. It can actually be really pretty. But stardoll is lazy, and greedy. So I hope there'll be something what's better, if we actually reach the 60,000,000 line

tayl0r6298 said...

There's nothing better for the 60 million. It's pretty cheap if you ask me. It is only a bag of stuff. With a cupcake, a ugly dress, and then balloons. Wow.