Friday, February 19, 2010

New Shop? ++ Free ++

+ PrincessHila here +
Is there a new shop? Because there are new clothes by Stylein.
I think the clothes are really nice. I like the leggings (5,-) a lot.

Just visit
starplaza for the clothes.

And some more good News.
There are about 3 free things for you guys.

Facebook iPhone:
I. Visit a UK/ English proxy site like this one or this one.
II. Log in and visit your suite and you got it.

Free Harajuku Lovers stuff
I. Use a proxy, if you're not from the UK or USA
(I don't know if it works when you're from Australia or other english speaking countries)
II. Join this club:

Then visit your suite and you'll have a bikini and a nice diadem looking like this:
Thanks for reading,



Sunday, February 14, 2010

GLITCH with Clubs!(:

So..I was looking for my next SOTD when I came across how many clubs Pinkpep1998 had. She OWNS ALL of these! And then the other day I realized I could make a new club on my other account, when I already had one! My account was non ss. And I thought non ss could only make one club? Better take advantage of this NOW!(:
Much Love,

Friday, February 12, 2010

V-day Gift(:

Hey guys, If you recieved the email from stardoll about Valentine's day coming up. And tht you should by a Flamming hearts outfit for the party at the V-day stores. Well tht email also included a little something something!(: Stardoll included tht they were giving out a free Valentine's day surprise for every stardoll member! So watch for a little something in your suite's Sunday!!♥
xx Taylor
If I don't post sooner, Have a GREAT Valentine's Day!♥♥♥

Thursday, February 11, 2010


+ PrincessHila here. +
So there's a new shop called AMY CLAIRE .
I like the new shop, but the items are only for Superstars
Some of the clothes are really simple, but I really like the design of them. There is only one pair of shoes which is for Non-SS but that pair is nothing special.
What do you think of them?

Thanks for reading,



Aussie Fashion

Hey guys,

finally a post by me! Sorry guys.

I thought that i would style some Australian fashion for you guys, the photos are from a website,, wish is a really expensive clothing store for older teenagers in Australia. Hope you guys enjoy


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

50 Million Members(:

It's Taylor, And yes Stardoll has reached 50 million members(:
So...for this celebration they have put out some decent and okay items.
The items with a green box around them are free. The soda bottles are no hooked together.
The shirt doesn't fit good by itselt, but I'm sure you could style it!(:
Then there's a golden 50 wall design(: Everything else is from 1-3 Stardollars and for everyone!
So go get playing&earning(:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Items(:

From my previous post I said I would post of picture(: Well the first image on the chart is the Blue Heart. I believe this item hasn't been out before. But the other's have if you remember them! I remember them from last year. So for those who haven't bought any of these better head now Idk how long they will last!
xx Taylor

A couple new Items in Splendid

Stardoll decided to add a few items to Slendid(: Not many, but there's some!! They put out a Blue face heart for 2 Stardollars, and I believe there was something else but I can't remember wat it was! In a little bit I'll post some pictures of the New Item(s).
xx Taylor

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Free things!

+ PrincessHila here +

There are 3 free things for you, guys.

The first one is a pink RIO Purse
I. Go to
II. Type in this link:
III. Log in, and answer the questions, and there it is:Then there is a free Shell Necklace:
I. Go to
II. Type in this link:
III. Log in again, answer the questions, and there is your new Necklace:

And the last free thingy is a Shell Belt.
I. Go to
II. Type in the following:
III. Log in, change the "view" into "finish" and you're done.
Your belt will look like this:
Thanks for reading, see you around,



Skin Tone

Hey Guys!(:
I know tht Skin Tone has been around for a couple of days, But from this ad it makes it look like there's new make-up out? But, I don't think there really is. Cuz I can't find it anywhere and I can only find the doll in the Mini Shop and such. I wonder wat's up with this? And also from the name 'Skin Tone' it makes it sound like a Make-up session or something?
I don't know!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Free Wall Painting

They information for the Painting is at I'm sorry tht I don't have anything else in this post, like a picture or anything. But, I need to head to bed yet I wanted to inform those who didn't know!(:
xx Taylor

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Archive

Ugh, Why cant they stop working on MORE and MORE clothes? I mean really. They need to take a break from these trashy clothes and work on OTHER sorces! (I know, Ive said this a bunch but this makes me frustrated) Again, They have the Ballet outfits and out along with other ugly crud. There is like one thing in there tht is cute, But who would wear tht crud? And most of its SS! If I were them I wouldnt buy anything, Id save my money and wait for something good to come! Stardoll is full of themselves and their retarded ness(:

+New Shop .. + some NEWS+

+ PrincessHila here +
Well Taylor already wrote about the new clothes, but not about the new shop.

So however there is a new shop.
And I really like the clothes but the dresses and the t-shirts are of course: only for "Superstars" but I like the shoes, and the big bag.

I hope there'll be a second level for

Je T'aime Pretty in Pink"

Here's a picture of it:

And there are some news
Now you're able to see who sent you what present.
You just need to "go" over it with your cursor, and you can directly visit her or his suite:

And if you're planning a parteey, you can give chocolats to your partyguests!
Perfect for Valentine's day, isn't it?

Thank you for reading,




Hey guys, sorry I havent posted, but i have very good reasons!

1. I just started year 11, i have 10 exams in 3 weeks, so i need to STUDY. ( yeah i know what the hell am I doing here on stardoll)

2. I couldnt even use stardoll a week ago and then my superstar ran out so the AWESOME post that will be done by sunday (hopefully), was delayed cause i couldnt access all my rooms, which meant i couldnt access all my clothes. And yeah you get the idea..

Well anyway a few things guys,

Ive been getting friend requests and emails saiyng things like, i heard you dont want your account so can i please have it? ... EXCUSE ME, i NEVER said that, ever. So please dont ask or I will block you, yeah ive done it so dont bother testing me. ( Im in a snappy mood aye? I think its cause i just read 15 pages of my politics book and summarised 10 of them and im dead tired because i also had dancing)

But yeah basically guys, my life is busy, school, work, dancing, driving and "trying" to have a social life so please, understand i cant always post and reply to you, all my dearest friends. Although i have no time, my heart is still with this blog. Just want you to know that, specially nancy!

Anyway guys, its 9:18pm and even though im 16 years old, my bed is still calling my name so early. Look out for my awesome post. (its gonna be awesome)

Peace outtttttt :]

lots of love Dee!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Clothes:/

Hey guys,
Its me, Taylor!(: I hope youve been enjoying my recent and up-to-date posts(: Im trying to post EVERY day!!(: Woot! Haha. Anyways, I was visiting Stardoll and I knew I had gotten an email from them so I checked the Starplaza and found A variety of new clothes :/ I think there are way to many clothes and NO accessories wat so ever for the clothes. We need an updated Slendid and MORE accessories available for us. I think tht would really help!
I hope you enjoy the new clothes,
xx Taylor

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Volie

I went to Stardoll and found the new 'Pick of the Day', So I was thinking, There must be something new in the Starplaza. And there was a new level of Volie(: I adore some of the dresses. But, some could use MAJOR work, I also think Stardoll needs to stop working on clothes and work on making new Earrings, Necklaces, Ect. They should really work on other things rather than Clothes, clothes, and more clothes!! It just makes me kinda ugh. Cuz they ONLY make clothes!
Thanks for reading, and enjoy the new Volie!
xx Taylor

Ugh, When will they stop? Greedy, Greedy, Greedy!

Well I suppose we should have known this was next, more advertisment for the stupid new hairstyles. Stardoll really isnt going to learn, and Maybe their wanting half their members to leave! I know for sure, and I know there are people who agree with me! Stardoll doesnt know there head from a monkey butt! And I know they really need to drop down the bar for high prices and constantly raising them every week or two! They need to stop trying to get members to buy more Stardoll Dollars and Memberships. Tht just proves the more childish parts of the Staff and the Male Callie, Maybe thts half the problems of Stardoll! Ugh.
Til the next post,