Monday, January 18, 2010

You have to be joking, right?

I dont know if anyone else has this problem but, I CANT LOAD STARDOLL! I cant load the stupid site on any of my computers, and not even on my ipod!. ARGH! Seriously, Wtf. And its not my comptuers or internet cause i can load everything else.
Thanks stardoll, your site once again has proven to make life difficult for me.
Comment if you cant load stardoll either :)


LISE_for_ever said...

I couldnt get on ether!! I can now though!! Arrg stardoll is just so boring now!! They need to 'spark' it up!! Because im seriously bored!! xo xo B

Anonymous said...

I havent had any problems? Tht is SO strange!! I wonder why something like tht would happen, and I wish you the best Dee.