Friday, January 22, 2010

So, so Sorry!!

Im so sorry everyone, Including Nancy!!
I have posted in forever and didnt even realize it. I guess I havent realized it cuz all I have been doing on Stardoll for the past three weeks is check my mail and GB comments. :/
And I wanna say some things:
Dee, Im sorry for your problems with Stardoll and not able to get it to load or anything, and I wish the best so you can get on very soon! If you need anything ask.
I also wanna welcome the new writer.(: I enjoyed reading your posts.
Nancy, sorry for my slacking and I will get on posting this weekend. I have no clue wat happen..
But sorry for the non related Stardoll post, besides Stardoll is boring. And I will get some more posts up and start commenting(:
xx Taylor

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