Tuesday, January 5, 2010

my first post of 2010

Hey my lovely readers. Happy late new year. Wow its 2010, I only have 2 years of school left OMG! Sorry this isnt really a proper post BUT my actual post is on the other computer so it willl have to wait till tomoro morning. (im so tired just worked 10 hours)
Anyway! back to stardoll..
1. I bought superstar after not going on stardoll for like ages.. and i have not one dollar left.. and theres too much to buy. Superstar should give more stardollars they are so stingy! and the price has gone up in the past 3 months that i havent been here. What the hell?!
2. I dont get my "dollar a day" anymore! Yeah i kno its ONE stardollar but I sorta need it cause im broke. So i complained to stardoll today.. they better reply.. Or is this happening to everyone? If it has..that is also very stingy of stardoll. I have to say.. Stardoll.com, im not very impressed with you right now!
Well anyway, Hope you guys enjoy your first week of 2010, I kno i am.. haha :] and OMG GO SEE AVATAR IN 3D IT IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER IF YOU DONT SEE IT YOU HAVE PROBLEMS. :]
And by the way, Its my bday in 7 days.. my sweet 16 wooooooooooo!
Later guys. xo Love dee. (ILuvLAB)
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princesshila.de said...

Well, I remember you being online in December. And the "1 stardollar per day" was a campaign. And it's not there since October I guess. So it's actually nothing new xD and I haven't seen Avatar, and I won't actually. I'm not going to the movies, because it's way too much to pay just for a movie

Anonymous said...

Yeah they said that it would only last a year or something like tht, I wasnt so happy when they ended it! It really helped non ss get money to buy stuff.

IluvlAB said...

oops i feel so silly i sent an email to stardoll ... omg they are gonna think im a noob. :|

princesshila.de said...

Well, maybe they bring it back! HA that was a good joke, wasn't it?! :D

No, they won't. But I think it would be cool, if we actually get something, when we answer the right answer to the polls, wouldn't it?

FancyNancy94 said...

Hahaha that's what my History teacher said! XD And my physics teacher thinks avatar's lame -.-"
lool I gotta see it! :P

FancyNancy94 said...