Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Justin Bieber Doll

Hey People,
Sorry, Ive been dying to post this for awhile, And Im not sure if someone covered it or not! But, Im going to cuz I dont remember!! ((:
Soo, The day stardoll released this doll...I was just going to my mail but while it was loading, I was like Hmm..I wonder who tht is its prolly some lame girl! And then Im like...WAIT NO ITS JUSTIN BIEBER! OMG STARDOLL IS STUPID! This Justin doll, looks like a girl with Dark red lipstick! This is nothing close to what Justin looks like, and I would think if he ever saw it he might wet his pants xD This doll is soooo STUPID! I wonder Who, from the Staff made it...Ehh... ((: Sorry for those who like the doll, but in my opinion its atrosious!!
xx Taylor


princesshila.de said...

I'm waiting for that day, that STARDOLL finally makes a
"Ed Westwick" Doll . I would fill my album with him *.* ;) :D

Anyway, I hate his clothes. They don't look like the clothes of the other dolls. -.-

FancyNancy94 said...

&&& UHHHH GROSS >.< Yeahh looks like a girl :o

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they really need to work on the graphics...Im starting to think a 4 yr old would make better graphics than 32 yr olds and up!!

Andrew said...

dolls bear a slight resemblance....but the music is awesome