Monday, January 4, 2010

Hmmmm . . .surfing stardoll . .

Hi gorgeous girls (and maybe boys?)

Well im glad (NOT!) to announce that stardoll is officially becoming boring. Really boring.
No new things eccecpt basically 2 thing a day. Which is slack even for stardoll.

So as a result i have been just 'surfing' stardoll.
Here are the 'Top' album, suite, designs ect that i have found this morning.

Album - twins18 - seriously it is really good! You have check it out!!! If you dont your missing out! 
Moodi Wear - choclate_10 - has some gorgeous moodi wear designs! Totally gorgeous!
- reedonna - more gorgeous designs
- Lucas.Poland - MORE gorgeous moodi wear designs!
- Liviacord - Gorgeous! (yet again!!)
Designs - ZIVYLE - has some totally stunning wall designs (eg, Chanel, Louis Vuitton) + she has groovy tops.
Room - lulonia - has a great room in her suite! I am totally in love with it!

Okay my laptops going flat, ill post more later!

xo xo

(aka, LISE_for_ever)

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tayl0r6298 said...

Ill have to check thoughs medolls features out later if I have any time ((: I hope I do. But I might go to bed early. Ill let you know in a Doll Mail or something if I ever getta check it out ((: