Thursday, January 28, 2010


Me here
Long time, now post, I'm sorry, but you'll see why I haven't posted so far.

Soo ftw!
Seriously. What is wrong with stardoll?!
EVERYTIME I log in, stardoll shows me this stupid f***ing crap(Sorry.)
Stardoll really tells me, that my Superstar membership is over. Like what....?!
Stardoll is so full of shit. I'm really sorry for my language.

I hate stardoll.
It's greedy.
It's stupid.
It's a pure waste of time.
And that's not what stardoll was/ and actually is supposed to be.
And well, there is Superstar- Hair.
I really was joking when I tried to save my new look with the last SS-Hairstyle. And guess what happened?!
This :

"Your hair looks great! You chose one of the exclusive Superstar-Hair. " WtF?
I know that stardoll needs money to run this site BUT the thing is that they went way too far with this.
Stardoll is runs. >:D

Thank you for your attention




FancyNancy94 said...

wtf is going on...? :/ !

FancyNancy94 said...

OMG hahaha look at the sad face -_-" ohmygosh how retarded... That medoll's almost crying pfft get a life, stardoll owner xP

Anonymous said...

I saw tht when I logged on after my SS ending weeks ago. I was so sickened by it, Thts just going to add to more ppl leaving stardoll because their sick and tired of it! And I can tell EVERYONE Im NEVER inviting another person to Stardoll, I will never help stardoll out again!! And I think I will delete my accounts tht I dont use. Cuz I only need one account and its my Main account, Tayl0r6298! I dont wanna help Stardolls 'Population' anymore than I am!

Anonymous said...

Did you see the new one now? Where they're bribbing with the puppy?