Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Egyptian Style

Hey guys,

I was on looking very hard everywhere for something to create a post on.. and after giving up on ideas.. for some reason i remembered my friends dressing up as egyptians for this dressup thing and they looked AMAZING! I went onto roiworld.com and found an egyptian dress up. I saved some styles for you and i created some using my stardoll and wardrobe. Hope you guys enjoy the looks.

Here is the link to the dressup: http://www.roiworld.com/fashion/dress-up-games/play.rwp?gcode=1477&page=4&style_g=4&sort=new


princesshila.de said...

I like the outfit on the left! Looks really great!

FancyNancy94 said...

Yeahh, same! :D