Thursday, January 28, 2010


As said in the previous posts, it indeed seems Stardoll is being as greedy as ever. New clothing prices are still on the rise and scammers are multiplying more than ever before. Being a member from the site since late 2007, this wont go away anytime time soon. It seems as if Stardoll only cares about making money than knowing their customers are being robbed from other users from starvation of items. If Stardoll really cared, they would of already found a solution. Instead they are pumping out Super Star Only Hairstyles and new Runway Inspired clothes for a ridiculous price at an alarming rate. Even users have made alliances to create 'trading centers' to prevent scamming. It just comes to show you.

Its not Fame Fashion and Friends.

Its more like Desperation Loopholes and Harassment.


Anonymous said...

I dont think Stardoll will ever be the normal User Friendly site it use to be in '07. I think its going to be another part of the Economy's crisis :/ (Not really) But, still. They should use some common sense if they even have any, I think not. But they should find some and realize wats happening. Also they shouldnt take advantage of the SS. Just cuz they pay. We, Non-SS have a big part of making the site 'Popular' too. I mean really, they dont see anything do they.

AngelaxCouture said...

they really dont. its very disgusting how greedy this company is. it must be run by a pack of rabid monkeys.

Anonymous said...

Yepp. They obviously know not one thing besides how to be greedy and how to run a crudy Bully, Elite filled site. And its really dispicable how most blog owners are the cause of the Elites and Bullies! (Its not anyone from this blog though, or some others.)