Monday, January 11, 2010


Hey guys, who likes my new banner? :)

Anyway id like to aknowledge a club that I came across which belongs to Lise_for_ever, a writer of this blog. I was on her stardoll page when i saw the club she owned, Body.Beautiful. Funnily enough, I actually clicked on her club which is really rare for me,( i think i belong to less than 10 clubs.) And to be honest i really really like her club cause it has a wonderful message:
"All girls deserve to be confident in their own bodies"
This is such a good message because i kno that not all girls are happy with themselves, yeah sometimes im not happy with myself too. And lise_for_ever has really good tips on how to be confident and reassures all girls that your beautiful just the way you are. I think all girls need to become aware of this. If it stopped just one person from going anorexic, or giving them a mental issue, then that would make a real difference. One part that would REALLY make the club very very good, would be if it had more members, it has less than 100 so please guys, if you want to spread the message, please join the club. It is an active club, and is such a good cause. So please, it only takes less than a minute to follow the link and join. And believe me, every single person out there will be affected by either someone in their family, a friend or even themself that has a body issue, or confidence problem. This will affect you.

Here is the link to her club:

Thanks guys, and bye for now!


AmberFun344 said...

Hello! Love the banner!! How did u do that? I sure will join. :) like u said its a good cause!

FancyNancy94 said...

I agree with Amber! :D
And when I saw your banner, I was like woooow!! :o ♥

LISE_for_ever said...

Your banner is totally gorgeous!! I love it!! =D Its so colourful and bright and its absolutly stunning! Thanks so so so much! For writing this about my club! I think my club has a really positive message and i really appreciate you writing about it! xo xo B

IluvlAB said...

thanks guys ! :] i just used paint and photobucket actually. I dont have photoshop :\ thats why the graphics are a bit poor.

thankyou again. it was my pleasure to write about the club and hopefully people will join. :)

Anonymous said...

I will join when I get on my computer(: I think I may already be a member already, Idk(: Again, ADORE the banner!! xx <3