Monday, January 18, 2010


+ PrincessHila here +
I'm sorry I didn't post. Stardoll is really boring.
They should really make some new "Play and Earn" games, because "Globe Trotter" is really getting on my nerves. Also the "Splendid" shop is really bad. And I'm bored.
I'm really too lazy to post. But it seems like no one cares ^^
People don't comment as much as they did, before the competiton ended.

And that's why I don't know why I'm supposed to write anything right now.
It's really bad.

Well, anyway... that's it. All I wanted to say.



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Anonymous said...

I just realized my lack in the blog and how bad it got!! Im not letting it happen again. I just really havent been on the computer lately besides from Facebook. :/ I got carried away there.