Thursday, January 28, 2010


As said in the previous posts, it indeed seems Stardoll is being as greedy as ever. New clothing prices are still on the rise and scammers are multiplying more than ever before. Being a member from the site since late 2007, this wont go away anytime time soon. It seems as if Stardoll only cares about making money than knowing their customers are being robbed from other users from starvation of items. If Stardoll really cared, they would of already found a solution. Instead they are pumping out Super Star Only Hairstyles and new Runway Inspired clothes for a ridiculous price at an alarming rate. Even users have made alliances to create 'trading centers' to prevent scamming. It just comes to show you.

Its not Fame Fashion and Friends.

Its more like Desperation Loopholes and Harassment.


Me here
Long time, now post, I'm sorry, but you'll see why I haven't posted so far.

Soo ftw!
Seriously. What is wrong with stardoll?!
EVERYTIME I log in, stardoll shows me this stupid f***ing crap(Sorry.)
Stardoll really tells me, that my Superstar membership is over. Like what....?!
Stardoll is so full of shit. I'm really sorry for my language.

I hate stardoll.
It's greedy.
It's stupid.
It's a pure waste of time.
And that's not what stardoll was/ and actually is supposed to be.
And well, there is Superstar- Hair.
I really was joking when I tried to save my new look with the last SS-Hairstyle. And guess what happened?!
This :

"Your hair looks great! You chose one of the exclusive Superstar-Hair. " WtF?
I know that stardoll needs money to run this site BUT the thing is that they went way too far with this.
Stardoll is runs. >:D

Thank you for your attention



Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Stardoll has taken it WAY to far this time!! Im VERY mad! Stardoll is treating all the Superstars with everything, Just because they pay money for a PAPER SCREEN DOLL! THT IS POINTLESS!!! OMG! They made SS SPECIAL hair for them. And Non-ss can only try it on. I only like ONE style. Stardoll is a freaking GAY site! And they need to understand how the economy is right now and not worry about themselves. I thinks its time for another strike or for Stardoll to be deleted FOREVER! Im sick and tired of Stardolls crap they have against non-ss. And if they keep it up, I mise well leave stardoll! They obviously know not one thing about money and what we NEED it for. They just use it to make their site the most trashiest thing Ive EVER seen! And its outstandingly REDICULOUS!
xx Taylor
P.S. Sorry everyone if you disagree, Im just to the point where I dont even wanna think of Stardoll for like a month. But I will go online just for this blog(: I just cant take wat those Cheapskates are doing to the wat use to be addicting but now trashingly lame site!! I just cant take it!
Tell us wat you think in the comments.
Thanks for reading(:


( cant seem to find my new banner? )


cept my superstar ran out. >;[


& while I was away from stardoll, i sorta had to find other ways to pass time. This lead to reading some of stardolls most popular blogs i dont really wish to name them cause i dont support them AT ALL.

Why? You ask? Um because, these blogs get all their popularity by writing about the "stardoll elites" um, no offense, but 95% of stardoll users dont even know who these people ARE. Nobody cares actually, cause its a game, cyber popularity is lame. But I have to say, picking on others gets these blogs FAR, its succesful cause everybody likes bitching. its sad.

But you know what, I know this blog is going to be number 1 without picking on people and talking about whos popular and watever. It doesnt matter how long it takes, i prefer a world where everybody is equal. Dont you?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Its Taylor, And sorry this post will have nothing related to stardoll. But I just want to post instead of not. So heres my post, Its very cold here and I cant even sit in my house without cold hands. And I can hardly feel my hands typing this...Haha(: Well I can just exagerating a bit. Haha(: Ill let you all go, Im sure your busy as a bee.
xx Taylor

Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Game (:

So I was looking for something to do on Stardoll cuz I was getting bored and didnt have any other site to go on. And when I was on the Homepage I saw this New 5-Dollars-a-day game!(: I havent played it yet but Im getting ready to go play it(: I hope its good cuz the others are getting boring just like the rest of the site! Wish me luck, And I wish all of you luck playing the game.(:
Thanks for reading,
Taylor xx

Just not Fun

Let me just tell you, Stardoll is getting VERY boring, To the point Im starring at the screen wondering why Im even a member anymore. Wat use to be an addictive site is now a bore! Omg. Wat has Stardoll done. Its going all Black and White again!! :/
Anyways I will keep posting for this blog without leaving stardoll which will be tough due to their idioticness :/
xx Taylor

Friday, January 22, 2010

So, so Sorry!!

Im so sorry everyone, Including Nancy!!
I have posted in forever and didnt even realize it. I guess I havent realized it cuz all I have been doing on Stardoll for the past three weeks is check my mail and GB comments. :/
And I wanna say some things:
Dee, Im sorry for your problems with Stardoll and not able to get it to load or anything, and I wish the best so you can get on very soon! If you need anything ask.
I also wanna welcome the new writer.(: I enjoyed reading your posts.
Nancy, sorry for my slacking and I will get on posting this weekend. I have no clue wat happen..
But sorry for the non related Stardoll post, besides Stardoll is boring. And I will get some more posts up and start commenting(:
xx Taylor

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SD Rares On Ebay!

Thats right, you can now buy Stardoll Rares on Ebay, including...RARE Megan Fox Jacket, Hotbuys Moni Moni Bag, Dirty Dancing Dress, Dkny Skating Jacket and many MKA RC's.
Prices Range from £.10 which is the Hotbuys Sequin Tank to £55.00 which is the Hilary dress.
The Hilary dress is worth $89.42 in USD!

Here's the link if you are interested in these bargains! Click Me Please!

Ciao for Now!

Play and Earn!

+ PrincessHila here... nia, nia, nia +

You might have noticed that Play and Earn has changed.
That means:

I. You get 1 Stardollar a day.

II. But you just get 4 Stardollars if you play.

But I think it's a good idea. Just the thing, that we only get 4 SD if we play, is stupid.

Here's a picture of it:
Thanks for reading, nia,nia,nia. Xoxo


Monday, January 18, 2010

You have to be joking, right?

I dont know if anyone else has this problem but, I CANT LOAD STARDOLL! I cant load the stupid site on any of my computers, and not even on my ipod!. ARGH! Seriously, Wtf. And its not my comptuers or internet cause i can load everything else.
Thanks stardoll, your site once again has proven to make life difficult for me.
Comment if you cant load stardoll either :)


+ PrincessHila here +
I'm sorry I didn't post. Stardoll is really boring.
They should really make some new "Play and Earn" games, because "Globe Trotter" is really getting on my nerves. Also the "Splendid" shop is really bad. And I'm bored.
I'm really too lazy to post. But it seems like no one cares ^^
People don't comment as much as they did, before the competiton ended.

And that's why I don't know why I'm supposed to write anything right now.
It's really bad.

Well, anyway... that's it. All I wanted to say.



New Writer!

Aloha! I'm Angela, I am very excited to take part of this flourishing blog. Due to school finals which will take place this week, I may not be as actively posting. But, I reassure you my posts will be nothing ordinary, so stay tuned for my adventurous entries!

ciao for now!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Free ANTM Dress + Jacket

Okay here is some new FINALLY !

Americas Next Top Model are giving away free dresses each tuesday!! =D 

This is the first one . . 

All you have to do is go to
and then go to stardolls url and log in! In your suite you will find an ANTM bag, with your dress inside!

There is also a free jacket, which is supposedly gorgeous! But you need a manual proxy for the UK to be able to watch a show in the stardoll cinema. You have to watch the movie all the way through to recieve the jacket! Let me know if you find a good manual proxy that works for the video!!

xo xo 
aka LISE_for_ever

Star Design

Hey Gorgeous girlies!!

I'm so sorry i havnt been posting very often! =(

Okay so there is a new star design dress if you have not noticed!! It is quite nice, i guess!

Its 10sd and for superstar only. . . sorry i can t get a picture my screen print isn't working right now . . >=(

Well i tried my hand at designing today and i did a GUCCI wall design. Its on my suite wall if you want to take a looksee! I think its okay . . .for my first shot at using it! =D  I want to be able to sell it, o if you want to buy it you can!

Well any way, bye for now!!

xo xo
aka. LISE_for_ever

Thursday, January 14, 2010

IM 16!

hey guys. this isnt really stardoll related however, i fel like sharing it anyway. It was my bday on wednesday and now im offically 16 yay! And i got my licence to start driving so my first lessons are next week. How exciting :D

Yes anyway, ill be posting shortly, ( im getting the long stardoll hair reward today) yay! finallyyy
so ill be on stardoll later on.

bye guys!

New OTTO shop!

Hey guys, PrincessHila speaking here!

I'm so excited! There's a new shop in starplaza, called "Otto"
And I really like it! Most of the things are for NON-SS which is really really great.
What do you think?

Here's a picture of it:



Monday, January 11, 2010



So guys. I haven't been posting for a while. I've been pretty busy with school, sewing and reading! I still will be.
Well, anyway, I found out that there's a free "mannequin" from
moodi wear.
Just easily do this:

I. Go to a UK proxy site like
II. Then put in the box.

III. Join the club, and go to your suite. There you are!

My Outfit of the week, will have to wait. Sorry. Maybe tomorrow!
I just don't have that much time, like I did in the holidays or the days before the holidays.




Hey guys, who likes my new banner? :)

Anyway id like to aknowledge a club that I came across which belongs to Lise_for_ever, a writer of this blog. I was on her stardoll page when i saw the club she owned, Body.Beautiful. Funnily enough, I actually clicked on her club which is really rare for me,( i think i belong to less than 10 clubs.) And to be honest i really really like her club cause it has a wonderful message:
"All girls deserve to be confident in their own bodies"
This is such a good message because i kno that not all girls are happy with themselves, yeah sometimes im not happy with myself too. And lise_for_ever has really good tips on how to be confident and reassures all girls that your beautiful just the way you are. I think all girls need to become aware of this. If it stopped just one person from going anorexic, or giving them a mental issue, then that would make a real difference. One part that would REALLY make the club very very good, would be if it had more members, it has less than 100 so please guys, if you want to spread the message, please join the club. It is an active club, and is such a good cause. So please, it only takes less than a minute to follow the link and join. And believe me, every single person out there will be affected by either someone in their family, a friend or even themself that has a body issue, or confidence problem. This will affect you.

Here is the link to her club:

Thanks guys, and bye for now!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


hey, I was on stardoll when I got a chat message from gab_the_bomb. Evidently, she's been scammed by roxgirl81 out of her DKNY broken dress. Here is what she said in the chat message:


She's a really nice person (gab_the_bomb), I'm sure she's being honest, so if you don't mind, PLEASE just head over to her suite and report roxgirl81. It only takes a few seconds. Stardoll doesn't have the greatest policy about trading and all that, but if enough people report, who knows what will happen?
thanks for reading,
P.S. here's the link to roxgirl81's suite. REPORT REPORT REPORT!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

All writers of this blog!

Dear writers of,

please join the blog's club so i can:
1. make you a manager
2. put you in sceneries

Thankyou very muchly,
here is the link:

Egyptian Style

Hey guys,

I was on looking very hard everywhere for something to create a post on.. and after giving up on ideas.. for some reason i remembered my friends dressing up as egyptians for this dressup thing and they looked AMAZING! I went onto and found an egyptian dress up. I saved some styles for you and i created some using my stardoll and wardrobe. Hope you guys enjoy the looks.

Here is the link to the dressup:

Justin Bieber Doll

Hey People,
Sorry, Ive been dying to post this for awhile, And Im not sure if someone covered it or not! But, Im going to cuz I dont remember!! ((:
Soo, The day stardoll released this doll...I was just going to my mail but while it was loading, I was like Hmm..I wonder who tht is its prolly some lame girl! And then Im like...WAIT NO ITS JUSTIN BIEBER! OMG STARDOLL IS STUPID! This Justin doll, looks like a girl with Dark red lipstick! This is nothing close to what Justin looks like, and I would think if he ever saw it he might wet his pants xD This doll is soooo STUPID! I wonder Who, from the Staff made it...Ehh... ((: Sorry for those who like the doll, but in my opinion its atrosious!!
xx Taylor

my first post of 2010

Hey my lovely readers. Happy late new year. Wow its 2010, I only have 2 years of school left OMG! Sorry this isnt really a proper post BUT my actual post is on the other computer so it willl have to wait till tomoro morning. (im so tired just worked 10 hours)
Anyway! back to stardoll..
1. I bought superstar after not going on stardoll for like ages.. and i have not one dollar left.. and theres too much to buy. Superstar should give more stardollars they are so stingy! and the price has gone up in the past 3 months that i havent been here. What the hell?!
2. I dont get my "dollar a day" anymore! Yeah i kno its ONE stardollar but I sorta need it cause im broke. So i complained to stardoll today.. they better reply.. Or is this happening to everyone? If it has..that is also very stingy of stardoll. I have to say.., im not very impressed with you right now!
Well anyway, Hope you guys enjoy your first week of 2010, I kno i am.. haha :] and OMG GO SEE AVATAR IN 3D IT IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER IF YOU DONT SEE IT YOU HAVE PROBLEMS. :]
And by the way, Its my bday in 7 days.. my sweet 16 wooooooooooo!
Later guys. xo Love dee. (ILuvLAB)
+ me on stardoll.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hmmmm . . .surfing stardoll . .

Hi gorgeous girls (and maybe boys?)

Well im glad (NOT!) to announce that stardoll is officially becoming boring. Really boring.
No new things eccecpt basically 2 thing a day. Which is slack even for stardoll.

So as a result i have been just 'surfing' stardoll.
Here are the 'Top' album, suite, designs ect that i have found this morning.

Album - twins18 - seriously it is really good! You have check it out!!! If you dont your missing out! 
Moodi Wear - choclate_10 - has some gorgeous moodi wear designs! Totally gorgeous!
- reedonna - more gorgeous designs
- Lucas.Poland - MORE gorgeous moodi wear designs!
- Liviacord - Gorgeous! (yet again!!)
Designs - ZIVYLE - has some totally stunning wall designs (eg, Chanel, Louis Vuitton) + she has groovy tops.
Room - lulonia - has a great room in her suite! I am totally in love with it!

Okay my laptops going flat, ill post more later!

xo xo

(aka, LISE_for_ever)

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hey Stardollians!
I found us some juicy gossip, This myself I didnt know! But some of you might have noticed!
Remember tht hair style above^^? Well I was visitng my friend Dani.Sprouse and I was looking at her hair thinking, "Hey, Tht hair so suits Dani!" And then I looked over and in her GB there were some disscussions about Stardoll deleteing this style!! (x Wat is Stardoll thinking? Why delete hair??!? How about add more hair, Tht is actually suiteable and has meaning to some outfits. They should style the hair, like on events! Not oh ppl will like this throw this trashy clump in there! xD Why cant they take some time to add new styles to the Studio rather than add new trashy clothing EVERYDAY! Its getting old!
xx Taylor


Me again!
So Taylor already told you about it.
It's not really a glitch I guess, so you can actually really have yourselves on your so called "BFF-List" you just have to search your name, and add yourself. Accept your own request and there you are. You can see your Medoll on your "BFF-List" just add yourself.
It may not work on your first try, so you may have to try it again, and again.

Just wanted to tell you guys!



Outfit of the Week..oops

PrincessHila, here.

And I was like :" Why you so obsessed with me?"
JK. I just heard that song by
Mariah Carey on Taylor's blog!

Anyway I finally managed to finish the Outfit of the Week.
And I really really feel like I'm getting worse that's probably because I'm really critical with myself, I want everything to be perfect.
I'm really sorry, if you think that this outfit sucks!

I understand that, and the next theme will be:

Outfit of the week - Movie inspired.

I already did:

Runway inspired

What-to-wear on the Red Carpet inspired by Leighton Meester

Here it is.

So you see I didn't have a specific outfit of her but
she wore a lot of ouftits wearing white dresses
so I got inspired by that!

VOILE Holiday Boutique

Faux Feather Dress(SS) 14,-
Gold Looped Belt 3,-


Giled Strap Shoes 4,-

I really hope.. it's not that bad !?

How to get the
VOILE Holiday Boutique stuff:
Just go to your search thingy on stardoll
and look for
VOILE Holiday Boutique no specific thing just VOILE Holiday Boutique and there they are!

Take two:

Thanks to Taylor for telling me!
Here's the exactly a-like looking outfit, I guess:

Angelina Dress(SS) 8,-

DECADE Of the Teens:
Winner Zelatins (Shoes) 2,-

RIO Girl's:
Stacy Bangels 1,-

Thanks for reading,



Nothing to do on Stardoll....

Hello People of Earth ((: Theres nothing to do on Stardoll today...Well yet anyways (; Haha. I was so bored I decided to catch up with clubs! I havent done tht for maybe 4 weeks. Haha. And now I feel bad. I am Manager of plenty of clubs and dont show respect to them. Ill fix tht ((:
Thanks for reading my boringness ((:
P.S. I gotta post something, Dont I? Ill find something interesting for you guys. And also I did think of something, Cuz I forgot to post this. (Sorry theres no picture) But on Stardoll I noticed when I was visiting random pages, Tht the member had THEMSELVES as their BFF. I thought it was strange, yet maybe a glitch? I studied the usernames Carefulley, and didnt see any difference....Hmm..I wonder wat this is! Has anyone figured it out? Tell us in the comments! ((:

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Hey people.
I'm really bored on stardoll. Nothing special to "buy", no intresting things going on here... Because it's my birthday,
I thought that stardoll should send people presents to the stardoll users, if it is their birthday. But that will probably never happen.

I guess I'll show you my
Outfit of the Week on Sunday.
I still haven't found anything to show you guys.

The dress I wanted to use was from VOILE Holiday Boutique.
But it's not here anymore... so no dress, no outfit.
Could be possible that you'll see it on Monday, if I want ;)



HACKING SITE ALERT! [Get two free DKNY scarfs...?]

Look at this! The hacking site's name's You can visit but don't write the info or else you'll get hacked.
Hope this helped!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Favorite songs? & The Winner!

I'm going to update the playlist at the blog and I wanna know what songs you like to listen to :) Doesn't matter how many, tell me your fave songs and I'll be sure to put them on the playlist ^^


Great job everybody, I'm truly amazed (: Keep commenting in the future!