Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Time for new splendid!

Don't you agree that splendid's getting pretty old now? Superstars are already paying much, so stardoll has to afford some new splendid items! -.- Hahaha seems like whatever stardoll does with the site, there's always complainings!

Oh, by the way; The Christmas is coming and I'm curious of what stardoll's going to give us this year! They wrote 'Only a few more days left and we've saved the best for last.' on the news letter.
I wish for a nice dress and money :P At least something big for the superstars, since we're paying way too much for our membership at the moment! >:G
How cool it would've been if all the non superstars got free ss membership for Christmas! :O ... in my dreams heheh :P

Merry Christmas y'all! xoxo (:


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post (: I enjoy dearly reading them (:.

I agree with the SS membership thingy ((: It would be great. But they better make us something good. Cuz we deserve something. I right? (:

FancyNancy94 said...

aaw thankyou ^^ I really enjoy writing posts!

Yeahh, we do! Both ss and non-ss deserve something good, because we're totally wasting our time (hours of our lives! :o) on that silly website! XD

Anonymous said...

Yeah...We help them with their websites popularity. And then SS pay them money to update the site. Clubpenguin used the money for Charity. I think we do deserve something!

And I also forgot to mention, I think its time for a new Splendid Update...And also I think they should have bring back Sephora! I miss tht makeup store. :(

Love.Blair said...

Ugh all the splendid store items are all old, i dont even bother to buy them! They seriously, seriously need to update the store!! I hope we do get a good gift!! I think its pretty good that they gave us 25 stardollars for free!! Great post Nancy! xo xo B

FancyNancy94 said...

Thankyou Blair (:
OMG I miss Spehora and DKNY more than anything!
I think dot's a silly collection with ugly colors..
Stardoll should have a comeback to rares like scuba and DKNY and Spehora.. Just old and wanted items! They can double the prices if they want, but I'll be willing to buy anyway. Just think about how much money they'll make! :O said...

Splendid is for dolls, who like this tacky stuff. There should be a shop with a classical theme of something like that, and really nice and pretty jewelery in it, that would be really great, and it should NOT be expensive and just for superstars.
I would buy a lot of jewelery then. But now? I just like some earings with pearls they are not so eewish like the ones on that picture here.

And Heidi Klum's jewelery isn't really great aswell. They are all for SS but were for NON SS, too.
And they all just have the flower-a-like look. Which is really getting boring.

Anonymous said...

Ive noticed a couple new things in splendid. I was messing around and they brought back some old earrings. And then some new necklaces for SS. Pretty neat. But could be better. Theres too many clothes and hardly enough accesories.