Monday, December 14, 2009

People wasting their time in my guestbook.?

PerincessHila here, and there. There and here.

(I know, it's PrincessHila but sometimes I say PerincessHila :])
Thanks to the fancy Nancy, we get more comments because of this competition!
I hope, that when the "contest" is over, that you still comment, won't you?!!!!!!!

Anyway, the reason I started to post, was that some stardoll kids/people waste their, sometimes mine too, time leaving comments like the following:
I'll have to translate it, so you understand what she wrote:

She wrote: "Listen! Miley Cyrus is pretty, she has a great voice and she can get tattoos where she wants on her body. GOT IT?!Have a look at yourself! Then you can open your mouth!"
I wrote: " OK. I didn't say anything about her tattoo. Get a life!"
Well, that seems like a fanatic fan. I don't have anything against Miley Cyrus.

Or... tatataataaa:
MissesRetboune pretending to be Jackson Rathbone's(from Twilight) Wife... from Germany :D:D
She wrote:"You're not a princess! Your uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugly!"
Me:"Oh Thanks, how sweet. Don't you have anything else to do than writing in my guestbook?"

And why? Why do some people waste their time on stardoll offending someone, they don't even know? I've been like this 2 years ago. But now I don't give a ... let's say: I don't care :D

And the next post I'll post is going to beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:
Outfit of the week.
And during the week I'll show you how to combine this weird white pearl thing from Pretty in Pink.
Doesn't THAT sound great? :D

gossip girl. :D
Noooo just kidding
(i love gossip girl. mostly Chuck Bass *.*)

PS: Sorry Nancy, it's not really great but I just had to get it off of my chest (?)


Love.Blair said...

I totally agree with you!! Some people just go around and write random messages in people guest-books, when really they don't want to know about it! I like to use my guest-book to communicate with my friends and for compliments and questions! (ha ha! I love gossip girl too!! and mostly Chuck Bass, but why in the world wouldn't you love Chuck Bass, He's Chuck Bass!!) xo xo B

Anonymous said...

Haha, wow! I guess some people just dont care to waste their time xD I mean really...who cares about other peoples opinions...geez people let others think their own. Haha...Thoughs kinda people need to get a life. And really why SPAM US! Its annoying. Haha.

FancyNancy94 said...

loool really interesting! xD I love to talk with these guys btw, it makes me laugh my ass off! :O
They're so random ;'] said...

That's right :D I guess they just want more visitors on their site and get more guestbook entries aswell, but that's just stupid :D

DutchBunnii17 said...

ahh, I hate people like that!
They're so rude, you're right, they need to get a life!
but I think you're sweet enough to be a princess. :D

Anonymous said...

Haha...Really some people these days..I guess they dont know wat a life is...cuz they dont have one! xD