Saturday, December 26, 2009


Me again!

Oh no!
The St.Trinian's Girl's 2. link is not working anymore! At least not for me.
Is it working for you?
This is soo shitty! Sorry. But I wanted the Headgirl's hat so bad!
But now it's not available (for me) anymore. Well, I guess no one can achieve it.
See you later,




Love.Blair said...

Aww that sucks, i wanted to buy the bow belt and a pair of the high heels. Hmm that is really dissapointing! I tried the link and it didnt work, maybe you can search for them in the starplaza? I will check. Thanks for the info Hillary!! xo xo B said...

I hope so!
But I'm really not sure. I was looking for them but I didn't find anything.
No problem, that's what I'm supposed to do ;)

Anonymous said...

I never really looked at tht stuff. I dont really know wat it hardly looks like. I havent been in the starplaza tht much....Ahaha. I better pay more attention!! ((: