Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New LE! Expensive, much?

PrincessHila here!

So. There is a brand new Limited Edition on stardoll. It's like... really expensive. That's probably one of the reasons, why the "cheap" items are almost already gone. :D I don't really think that the clotnes they offer here are worth being Limited Edition. They do look good but not special, excuse me if you think different. Everyone has his/her own opinion, righhhht?

I don't actually have time to post the outfits here because I'm going to go to my dancing lessons.
But you can still go to starplaza, I'm so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so,sooooooo sorry :(

I'll be writing my maths test/assignment, wish me luck!
My friend is seeing me after school, then we'll sew our bags for arts class :)
and in the evening I'll pooooost whatever you like.... I said you can tell me to post whatever you liiike yeeeaah(W/e you like - T.I.) .

Gotta go yoyo


PS: You can tell me what I should write about, tomorrow!


Love.Blair said...

I totally agree with you!! (yet again! lol) It is really, and i mean really expensive!! They don't even look like like LE, all the cheap things are gone, because people just want to say that they bought the new LE. There are only a few dresses in there that i would consider buying. Okay but i do like a lot of the shoes and bags, but they're nothing special! Great post PrincessHila! I think that tomorrow you should just write about something new, and exciting! Or basically anything about stardoll. Your posts are great and i enjoy reading them! xo xo B

Anonymous said...

Omg...None of the LE I have liked but like one season of it. Everything else I HATE! Why would we pay OUTRAGOUS prices for VIRTUAL clothing that is completely WORTHLESS! WHY>?

DutchBunnii17 said...

I totally agree, the LE just doesn't meet up to the standards they set earlier, and it was so unexpected! I mean, they should have given us a little while to save up or maybe even drop a hint about the new collection. They would have made more money that way anyways, something that seems to be VERY, VERY important to them

FancyNancy94 said...

Such a ridiculousway of spending money -.-" Stardoll's getting quite retarded much?

Anonymous said...

It just seems and the economy gets worse...stardoll gets more greedy!