Friday, December 18, 2009

New Hotbuys!

Hey people!
New Hotbuys is there. The Hot Buys Fabric Bunny Ears released for 6,- and again, for Superstars. It's really annoying right now! I'd love to buy them, but it's not possible -.- ... Stardoll is getting waayy to greedy and boring this time. They don't get that if NON SS can't buy anything anyway, they won't log in into stardoll, because they know, that they can't afford anything at all. When I first joined in 2007, I thought "...I can buy the DKNY shoes tomorrow" but then tomorrow the shoes were for superstars already and I was like: "OK.. then not!" But a couple of months later everything what had to do with real brands were for superstars. So I'm thinking of not visiting stardoll for a while but I don't know, if I should.
Well, talk to you later!



Anonymous said...

I havent seen the hot buys...But why look, cuz if I want them Im just going to have to drool over them? Right? Well I hardly check the plaza anymore...Cuz they took everything away from us...:(

Love.Blair said...

I so want to buy the bunny ears! I probably wouldn't wear them, but i still think there wickid! Stardoll are way too greedy!! Everything is for superstars now! I wish stardoll was more fair, and non-ss got more opportunity's! No Hillary keep going on stardoll!! I would miss you as a friend on stardoll and reading your blog posts!xo xo B

Anonymous said...

I do agree. When I joined in '07 the same thing happened to me. But since there wasnt a dollar a day or any of that. I only got money when I had gotten my Star Rewards package unlocked for money. For the 25 sd or whatever. But as a 8 or 9 year old that money flew by!