Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas y`all!

Hope you'll get as many presents as underneath my sd Christmas tree! ;D



Anonymous said...

Thanks Nancy, I hope you enjoy your Christmas too. I have to open everything tonight because were leaving in the morning for my Grandmas in the morning.Idk why we cant still open them in the morning. Haha. My brother has 6 wrapped. And I have 1 tiny present wrapped. Trust me, their must be more if we got $200 a piece!

FancyNancy94 said...

Lucky!! ^^ I don't celebrate Christmas :O said...

I got a new mobile phone, and a lot of other things! And thank you!
What are you celebrating??
Well, whatever you are celebrating, I hope you get presents aswell ;)

Anonymous said...

Haha (; Im sorry. I just thought ya did since you said tht about presents (: I got a new phone too. But I got it 2 weeks early..((:

I got:
Candy (In my stocking), A new mini mouse for my computer (Mine stopped working), A cover for my new phone, A USB to upload pics from my phone, 2 Aero Shirts, an Aero Sweatshirt, 2 Justice Shirts, 2 Pairs of skinney jeans, a brown pair of knock off uggs. And I believe tht is it!! ((:

Leah said...

there is also a glitch with the non superstar xmas calender today. If u get the ss one which is 25 stardollers, it wont let you open the non ss one! it just shows a loading sign

Love.Blair said...

Have a absolutly splendid christmas everyone!! I hope you get lots of prezzies!! I got an new ipod, and new ipod dock, a pie making machine, an ice cream machine, lots of clothes, a new ipod cover oh and a gorgeous vynal sticker for my laptop!! I hope you enjoy your day, wven if you arnt celebrating christmas Nancy!! Meryy christmas everyone!! xo xo B

FancyNancy94 said...

I celebrate Eid :)
And I ment presents under my Christmas tree on that picture :P
Thankyou guys, sounds like you had a tremendous Christmas!:D

Anonymous said...

Oh, Im sorry Nancy! I didnt know wat you were meaning. Aha. I thought you meant a real tree xD Im so sorry.