Wednesday, December 30, 2009

January Hot Buys


The new January hot buys are out! 
Check them out below!

Hot Buys Wrap - Voile Jan 1st
Hot Buys Silver Dress - Rio Jan 5th
Hot Buys Purse - Pretty in Pink Jan 30th
Hot Buys Shoes - Voile Jan 14th
Hot Buys Top - Fudge Jan 31st
Hot Buys Bracelet (octopus) - Voile Jan 7th
Hot Buys Cardigan - Pretty in Pink Jan 28th
Hot Buys Coat - Bisou Jan 12th  
Hot Buys Dress - Bisou Jan 26th
Hot Buys Tights - Evil Panda Jan 21st

In my opinion i think that the hot buys this month are pretty good, i will deffinatly buy the tights, shoes and maybe the cardigan and the purse. 

What do you guys think? 

xo xo

4 comments: said...

I love the cardigan, the tights, and the dress. Actually all things are great! But I guess, all of them are gonna be for Superstars -.- , which I'm not.
Nice post btw, Blair ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmm...Wonderful ((: I hope their not all for Superstar...Cuz if so...Hmm...I wont be buying anything...Haha!! ((:

Lovely post BTW!!

LISE_for_ever said...

Awww thanks guys! It means alot to me!! I hope a few of the hot buys are non-ss because its really not fair! xo xo B

Anonymous said...

Your so welcome girlie!! ((: And yeah they should make some for non ss to.