Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday Outfit + Glitches!

Hilary, here. Again.

I was kind of bored. So I decided to do a Holiday Outfit. You can call it however you want to. Voilá:
Clothes, I used:

Candie's Smocked Turtleneck 5,-
Candie's Quilted Shoulder Bag 8,-
Candie's Crista Dress Heels 6,-

VOILE + VOILE Holiday Boutique
(V )Pastel Belt 3,-
(VHB) Oversized Bow Sash 4,-

Stardoll Girls
Pencil Skirt 7,-

To get Candie's Quilted Shoulder Bag(s) look here:
Beige one:
Look for bags, colour beige.

And you can also still get the Hot Buys Quitted Bag from Kohl's:
Look for bags, colour pruple.

While I was looking for the belt in VOILE, I saw this:
Another glitch on stardoll... well, the dress costs "only" 18,- but stardoll accidently made a mistake... again.

Thanks for reading,




Anonymous said...

That outfit is wonderful. And the purple dress is insanly GORG!

Also, Stardoll 'Accidently' made a glitch cuz they wanted to JACK the stinkin price up again! Jimeni Christmas!!

DutchBunnii17 said...

I noticed that! It was pretty weird.
Btw, l♥ve the holiday outfit :D

Anonymous said...

I love everything...I dont have style like tht most of the time...I need to start buying more accesories :)

Love.Blair said...

The holiday outfit looks stunning! I love it! Keep up the super stylish work honey!! I cant believe that stardoll have another glitch. It seems that thats all stardoll do these days! Xo xo B

FancyNancy94 said...

hahha agree with Blair! :o
Seems like they don't care anymore, pretty much?