Saturday, December 19, 2009

Desperate? Maybe!

So...I was visiting PH's page, I started reading her presentation, and got side-tracked by this! Some people just dont have do they? If you cant read the GB Comment it says "Whats your password for stardoll". I couldnt help but post about this because thats just irritating!
And it looks like someone is jealous of PH! It cant be the first...Because PH is outstanding in EVERY catagory! :)


DutchBunnii17 said...

wait... who's PH?
and I know! I mean this one girl kept badgering me for my pass because she gave me hers to her other ss account ( it was real, she probably hacked someone and took the account or something) and I didn't think to block her. I kept saying no over and over and over. It drove me mad ;D

AmberFun344 said...

Interesting post! :D someone added me and said "wanna switch accounts" like im that stupid! Btw Greta PH means princess Hila

Anonymous said...

Yeah, PH is PrincessHila. Ive had something like this happen b4. It was much worse though. I had an SS account that a girl was selling. (Madeleine_Help) And this girl said she was going to give me a makeover...I believed her...She got on my account. And she started teasing me, and she got her friend involved and they both had me crying my eyes out. (I was 8) And they said I had to give them my Tayl0r6298 account for them to give me Madeleine_Help back. And I delt with tht for like 2 hours. And then finally one of the girls got deleted. And the other still has her Stardoll....But thats still real mean...and Stardoll is lazy and wont do anything about it. We should all gang up and do something to them! But Im not like tht! :( So yeah.

It was really mean...Yet Im thankful for my account now. So I dont mind. But I just hate hackers guts.

And with the account I have now...Its been hacked over billions of times..yet I kept getting lucky and got it back. The person always forgot to change the email. And I got emails with my password.

Anyways sorry for getting off topic. I just felt like sharing tht (: said...

Thaaaaaaank you for the compliment! :))

And about francelucy:
I told stardoll about her like two days ago. And reported her. But nothing happend so far -.-
Stardoll should move its butt!

Anonymous said...

Your welcome. :)

I doubt stardoll will do anything....EHEM...*Coughs out* LAZY? Ehum...*cough*

Haha...sorry a little dramatic xD

Love.Blair said...

Stardoll is so lazy, i saw that post on Hillarys account and i reported her! What kind of crazy person does that! Iv had my account hacked before and its not nice at all! Yes and i can see why some people are jealous of Hillery, she is totally Ah-Mazing!!!! xo xo B

Anonymous said...

Hilary deserves an "Outstanding Award" :)