Thursday, December 24, 2009

Contest results so far

I just wanted to remind you that the ss code contest's still going on and to make sure that you do your best to win the code, I'll give you the results so far. I'm highly impressed of 4 people. Brilliant job, we'd all enjoy reading your sometimes funny, sometimes angry comments! :) But still - Out of 103 followers only 4 people participating? Oh well, they're ruining their own chance for ss :P
Ok, here's the top 4 commentors:
1: tayl0r6298
2: Love.Blair
3: PrincessHila
4: DutchBunii17
Awesome job, guys! Keep it up like that till January the 1st!
And btw, I don't think I'll be on at 30th of December because it's my birthday! (:
Ho-Ho-Ho `Nancy


AmberFun344 said...

Wooo! great job guys!!! Hmm i wonder who is going to win? said...

Me too! :D
But in the next day, I'm not able to make comments :(

Anonymous said...

Thts awesome ((: Least we have some!!! :D Nice job everyone ((; Keep up the ggoood work!!

Anonymous said...

Oh...Did I forget!! Hmm..I think so!!!


Love.Blair said...

OOoohh!!! Im so excited to be in the top 4!! I have tried really hard to contribute!! I wish everyone good luck!! We should all keep up the fantastic work!! Happy birthday, for the 30th too!! Have a lovely day!! xo xo B

FancyNancy94 said...

Thank you! :D I hate the date, like at the end of the freaking year! xD
But it's kinda ok because when all my friends'll be 40, I'll still be 39 till the very end of the year >:D said...

Nancy, I just saw that your birthday is on 30th of december, which means that you're capricorn aswell :D nice.
My birthday is on January, 2nd :D

FancyNancy94 said...

aaawh!! Yeah, I am :D YAAAAAY!! ♥
Happy early birthday, then ^^

Anonymous said...

Haha. Thats cool. Every year when I go back to school I am a different age cuz my bday is June 2nd.