Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Calender (Non-SS)

Hey Guys,
Long time no post, and Im SO sorry. Ive been studying hard for the last two weeks of school...And now its time to rest my Brain :)
Anyways, I went to checkout the Christmas Calender for Non-SS because last time I checked it, it was the 4th. So Im just now looking at it again. And I can see I have missed NOTHING!
This Calender is junk! Theres nothing on it, and once again...I BELIEVE Stardoll is sticking up for Superstars again. It seems like just because they pay stardoll money....They get treated better. And we Non-ss get left in the dumps to fend for ourselves.
Should we make a move before it gets worse? Or leave it be? Tell us in your comments!!
Thanks for reading,

6 comments: said...

God. You're right.
I think the same way!
The only thing I bought was the top from 12-03-2009.
But the rest is ridiculous. Last year, I missed so many great things but this year? Noooooooooope. -.-

Anonymous said...

Haha. I missed some good stuff too. And I wanted the top...It was still available the next day. I went to buy it, and it said "Sorry there is a problem with your purchase!!"

I was like if you have it open to buy...let me buy it. If u dont want anyone to buy it! Dont make it available idiots!

Love.Blair said...

I havnt bought any thing, it all looks terrible, like seriously candles, and a lamb??!!! Thanks for the post Taylor! xo xo

FancyNancy94 said...

The ss stuff are actually good... Some of them :P
Guuuyss, wonder what we'll get at the 25th!! Money like last year? Or probably not >.< Can't wait :P

Anonymous said...

Nahh, We will probably get a pile of pig poop to put next to the College Road Trip pig xD

FancyNancy94 said...