Wednesday, December 30, 2009



I'd have posted about this earlier, but my internet connection was not that good -.-
Did you all see that the VOILE Pattern Boots are shown to be from Antidote?
What is the problem? I mean, they are old - not new. Which means that stardoll actually couldn't be able to make a mistake. They just needed to put them on starplaza again with the symbol of VOILE Archive. It's not that hard, is it? NO.
See it here:

And the Outfit Of the Week will be abooout...
What-you-could-wear on the Red Carpet

inspired by Leighton Meester.

BTW: Happy 15th birthday, Nancy! ;)




FancyNancy94 said...

I LOVE the idea for the next outfit of the week! :) Great choise!
And THANK YOUU it's good to finally turn 15 xD ♥

Anonymous said...

Ok...Stardoll is going to far now! Ahaha! ((: They really need to pay more attention instead of making these silly...TINY mistakes tht their making!!

And did I give the idea of the Red Carpet theme? I think it was me...Hmm!! ((;


Ok...Im better now xD

LISE_for_ever said...

I noticed those boots, ite really weird, Love.Blair bought them and they dont appear in your suite in the regular starplaza box/bag they come in this weird like cardboard box. And its deffnatly not hard to see that stardoll, get with the times!!!! I love the theme for this weeks outfit of the week! Its great! Hmmm and Leighton Meester just happens to be one of my favourite celebs and plays the all time best Gossip Girl character, no where near as good as Chuck Bass though . . . . Yum! Okay so maybe im a tad obsessed with Gossip Girl. And im rambling (sorry!). Any way i cant wait to see the outfit of the week! Happy birthday Nancy!! Have a great day! xo xo B said...

That's why I chose Leighton! She's a great actress and has a great style! :)

Anonymous said...

I still love the outfit! (I dont really know much about these ppl)