Sunday, November 29, 2009

Help me out?

Hello everybody! Amber here and i was just wondering if y'all can do me a favor? Ok i'm not advertising or anything and i hope its okay with the writers that i do this. i have a blog too and its very lonley! I need viewers and writers as well :) I know this has nothing to do with stardoll but i would like to show you a picture of it! Again ill be posting about stardoll when i find the best news! I cant beat what hot-stardoll-gossip has to offer and im good at graphics but ill tell you something, im not super extavagant (sorry if i spelled that wrong) If you help me out i would really appreciate it!


-AmberFun344 (Amber)


AmberFun344 said...

Im not gonna forget here tho

DutchBunnii17 said...

hey amber, I ♥ your posts and I'd like to write for your blog. I'm going to start writing for this blog and I also write for and :D
mt e-mail is and my stardoll username is DutchBunnii17
thx much, bye

DutchBunnii17 said... don't have the link to your blog here, so I can't check it out. what is it?

AmberFun344 said... and no no no thank you! ill mail u with the details as soon as i can!

AmberFun344 said...

im sorry its