Saturday, November 7, 2009

Free Tinkerbell-furniture and hairdye

Hey everyone!

I found out about how you can get free tinkerbell-furniture and pink hairdye!
For the furniture ( a pillow and a lamp) do this:

Just copy this: 1 9 8 7 ,2 1 9 8 9
(But without the spaces) and paste into your URL-bar.

For the Hairdye do this:

Copy this link: en/contest/ view.php ?i d =1 63
( without spaces)
And then just make a scenery and save it and you'll find the hairdye in your MeDoll editor.

This 'cheats' are for both non and SS :)
Thanks to the club

- blue_screen <3


julieangus said...

it didnt even work

toto4life123 said...

heyyy add me im toto4life123 on stardoll and join my club hotties4life

Stardoll Lover said...

the contest is closed :(