Monday, November 30, 2009

The New Writers Are...

I just realized how much these guys want to write for the blog, so the new writers are:


Congrats :) I hope you understand how much I want you to be active and put your effort on this blog. Good luck y'all!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Help me out?

Hello everybody! Amber here and i was just wondering if y'all can do me a favor? Ok i'm not advertising or anything and i hope its okay with the writers that i do this. i have a blog too and its very lonley! I need viewers and writers as well :) I know this has nothing to do with stardoll but i would like to show you a picture of it! Again ill be posting about stardoll when i find the best news! I cant beat what hot-stardoll-gossip has to offer and im good at graphics but ill tell you something, im not super extavagant (sorry if i spelled that wrong) If you help me out i would really appreciate it!


-AmberFun344 (Amber)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

That was Rude!

Hey everybody! its me AmberFun344 or Amber which ever u perfer. i just would like to thank FancyNancy94 (Nancy) for giving me my blogger email. :) because you see i forgot it. (embarresed) anyway! there was this girl who i didnt even know! ok i checked out her suite at first and didnt say anything to her. then she comes to my suite and says "Nice huge chin, not!" and she made this laughing smiley face. xD (turn your head sideways to see it) and i said "thanks". because you kn0w what? i know i dont have the best looking medoll around and im cool with that. But its my style and i wouldnt change it for anybody. (sorry if i sounded snooty haha)
P.S if u cant see the image clearly than click it to zoom in :) (just a reminder)

Free Tinkerbell-furniture and hairdye

Hey everyone!

I found out about how you can get free tinkerbell-furniture and pink hairdye!
For the furniture ( a pillow and a lamp) do this:

Just copy this: 1 9 8 7 ,2 1 9 8 9
(But without the spaces) and paste into your URL-bar.

For the Hairdye do this:

Copy this link: en/contest/ view.php ?i d =1 63
( without spaces)
And then just make a scenery and save it and you'll find the hairdye in your MeDoll editor.

This 'cheats' are for both non and SS :)
Thanks to the club

- blue_screen <3

Monday, November 2, 2009


Look what I found! It's called 'bathtube'. :L Click here to get it! ;D