Monday, October 19, 2009

Looking for new writers.... Again.

With school and homeworks, it's hard to keep up with the updates and gossips going around on stardoll. I'm barely on in weekends so I've decided to look after new writers once again.
But first of all: I'm sickly bored of people asking me to write for the blog telling me "I promise to be active" and blah blah blah, I've heard it before. 2 weeks later they stop posting. What's the point?
So what's I'm generally looking for is ACTIVE writers. A-C-T-I-V-E. Who have a writing and blogger experience and know a lot of cheats and gossips on stardoll.

The three main rules are to be:
- Active
- Nice to our followers/readers
- Don't ever copy things from other blogs/clubs without giving credit
If you feel like you can manage all the things below to write for Hot-Stardoll-Gossip, then please write your stardoll name at the comments and I'll take a look at it :)

Thanks for reading!


hayleigh1998 said...

i want ot be a writer
my stardoll name is: hayleigh1998

DutchBunnii17 said...

well, I'm DutchBUnnii17, I was in an interview on here a while back. I stopped commenting because I forgot my blogger pass, but I fixed it now and I would love love love to be a writer here. like I SWEAR I'd post every day, because I know that its nice to read a new post on a blog that you follow, and I love this blog. I don't have a banner or anything, and no actual blogging experience, but if you would let me, writing here would be awesome! :D

FancyNancy94 said...

Impressive :)
I like you guys! ;D

xLilMsGlamRetrOx said...

i would like to be a writer

StardollCelebritys said...

Hi I Want To Be A Writer In Your Blog I Just Have Interest In Writing In Blogs If You Want Check Out My Suite My Name Is ekuna_doll I Love This Blog And If I Will Get That Job I WIll Be So Happy I Like Writing For Stardoll And Can You Please Choose Me.

ThatStardollGirl said...

I'd like to be a "blogger" because I know about free stuff & how to get it! I love to write blogs and I'm very often online/ on stardoll. And I also had a few blogs. I love to write !

Stardoll Cheats said...

I would love to be a writer!!!!!

calayah said...

hey! I'd like to be a writer, my stardoll user is alaskachick1, message me if I can be ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy!
I would like to be a writer! I will definaltey take time to post for the blog...:) I love typing and spending some time on the computer :) Im mostly on on weekends so if I became a writers thats when there would be the most posts :)
Thanks for the oppertunity!
xx Taylor (Tayl0r6298)

nicki.dancer1 said...


My stardoll name is nicki.dancer1. I have been on Stardoll for about 2 years I know what goes on in the clubs and what I have pretty good style(I think). I would post once a day and my posts would be fresh and exciting. Please let me be a writer!!!! nicki.dancer1

Love.Blair said...

Hi Nancy! I would absolutly love to be a writer in this blog! I have experience in writing for blogs, as i wrote in my friends. I have been on stardoll for a while and would really love to be part of such an amazing blog! It would be a great experience and i would post frequently and with lots of stardoll cheats and notices to keep the readers up-to-date!I frequently comment on this blog and i am a follower! Please consider me, i would be very grateful! Check me out on stardoll im Love.Blair! xo xo B

Anonymous said...

hey i wanna be a wrighter i wright for 2 clubs.

Nicole - Mackenzie Paton said...

Hey Nancy! I would would love to be a writer for this blog, believe it or not I've actually never done a group one before only single ones. Some reasons I would want to be the one picked are I have had tons of experience with Blogger and Blogspot, I post frequently and almost every day of the week, and I'm loaded with tons of stardoll gossip, cheats and other things up my sleeve. Check me out on stardoll my user name is : Daniellaxox . Good luck to the person that gets picked. And Yeah.

Love This Blog,

Lilalovesponies said...

Hey! I am Mimi and i have been on stardoll since 2007. I have a blog of my own, but i would love to write for your blog as well! Even if i cannot, who made your signs???


Anonymous said...

can i please be the new writer
my stardoll name is: yami38

stardoll said...

Hello i would love to be a blog writer.I Feel that i have what it takes to be your blog writer,im respectful,responsible,outgoing,addicted to the internet and stardoll, and no to forget this hotstardollgossip, i have access to the internet as i said so ill be on here everyday posting new gosip,im always watchin out for stardoll links, clothes, and contest i also host contest onc in a while an give winners small gifts or even stardoll codes. But yes if you have any questions or concerns my stardoll user name is: Yary16 and your more than welcome to email me at to interview me ................. much love hey everyone else dnt copy an paste this for your selfs thankz contact me soon.......................................

Reagan said...

My name is _supergirl88_26 and I would love to be a writer for this blog. I go on stardoll daily and I know lots of hints, secrets, and the hottest clothing. I am under 13 so I don't have a gust book or any of that stuff so if you want someone over 13 I understand. I love to write and gossip!! I know all the other girls say they want this, but I agree with them becuse this is a rocken website!8) I just became a member on this acount in 2009 augest, but I have a non-member acount that I made in 2007. I'd never been in a blog before but I am in my school newspaper. So thx Nancy for your time.

natsXX said...

hi my name is natalie and my stardoll username is natsXX_12345 and i would love to be apart of this blog.i go on stardoll alot and i know many of the glitches,free things, the hottest clothes and accsesories and gossip. i have lots of writing expierance such as writing short stories,winning awards or writing in a school newspaper.
i made my acc. on 28/7/09 and have been ss b4, but anyways thx alot for your time
bye xxxx

Charr_Mayzing said...

Um i wanna be a writer.

Pinkicefairy said...

Hello my username on stardoll is Pinkicefairy. I am a very good at writing and once one a 25 dollar gift card in my city for best essay in 4th grade! :) I work for stardoll fanatic and even owned my own blog once but decided it was to much for me to handle. But bieng a writer for a blog I can handle this club has 2 SS owners and I think it deserves a Non-ss writer for those who arent SS. Please consider me and if you do please tell me in my GB and add me! Btw all my posts are original if the only thing I copy are the links but I rmember to give credit I will get more followers too and try my best at writing thanx
xoxo,Pinkicefairy (Vanessa)

loveleia said...

Hi my name is Leia
my stardoll name is: loveleia
my age is 11 turning 12 n the 24th March
the first time I made stardoll was the 13/11/2009
i have little blogger experience but I know soon I will be good at blogging stuff.
I send as much time on the computer as I can. Some times i even go on the computer in my bed if I wont to. But I send most of my weekend on the computer on stardoll and this website.
As long I am on the computer I am on stardoll.
I would like to be a writer because I think it would be cool and to make more friends. I always do all the cheats if I can and do comps like this one.If I don't win this comp I will be very, very, very sad so please make me the WRITER! Plus I talk about stardoll at school with my friends.

sunnadoggz97 said...

I would like to be a writer!
My stardoll name is sunnadoggz97
I have good experience. I owned a stardoll blog but it didn't go well I got bored of it because no one commented but this is pretty famous blog so I will not quit! And I have owned ALOT of Sims blogs when I was always in sims and was writer in many to!
I can be active and can write almost every day in summer unless weekends sorry!
I'm nice to people!
I don't copy unless give credit!
I know how to get spoilers and cheats!
I know alot of stuff IO can blog about and to put on this blog!
I can get gossip and interviews and more :)
Love.. Brynja *_*

Misstimtam321 said...

I would love to be a writer! I love writing and I'm even in a writing extension at school! I know how to get spoilers and free things!
I never not give credit! I think its mean if you don't!
Check out my blog right now;!

Mia said...

I would love to be the writer!
I may be new, but I have been a blogger! Please pick me. I might to thid fro my job in the future, as a hobby, my Dream Job is to be a Plastic Surgeon..
Please pick me!

ashlee.ovw said...

Hello I would love to be a blogger I am active I also do a lot of proxys so I know all the free stuff and how to get them I am great with people good at writing and get the latest stardoll fashion and news. I have a fun personality so I am great to talk to and I don't have that much homework. I never ever copy any ones work. I know spoilers and great cheats that work!

It would be a honor to write for this blog thanks!


Anonymous said...

I wanna be a writer,especial yours!
I quit my writer job in Stardoll Indiders just to be in your blog so pls except me.I am active every day I know fresh news and especially I know how to comunicate with people on the best way.I am funny and happy.Add me on SD:lovecandy4ever7 <3

p.s.Love you guys!

Well Yeah said...

I would love to be a writer i have a lot of free time on my hands

stardoll name "lolagirl120