Monday, September 7, 2009

Hi im the new Writer!

Hello everyone! im amberfun344 on stardoll but you can call me amber :) Im new to hotstardollgossip but i do have some blogging experience! Just please dont judge i will get better im not used to working at a high class blog :) i will be posting very often :) Thanks! contact me on stardoll im always looking for friends!

-Amb3r (my signature)


tayl0r6298 said...

Awesome!!! Congradulations!! I will definatley keep coming and reading the posts..I cant wait to see more posts from everyone :) And hopefully one day I can work at a high class blog too! :)
xx Taylor

AmberFun344 said...

you rock taylor! :D heheehehe

§Zoe§ said...

Oh Cool!
I look forward to reading your posts :)

AmberFun344 said...

Thanks! :D