Friday, July 24, 2009

Leona Lewis Outfit

I have done a Leona Lewis outfit... shes got amazing fashion sense and no matter what she wears she looks fab!
It's my last post for about a week :(
Im gunna be really busy so I wont be able to post but I hope you enjoy this :D
Hope everyones havin a great summer!
-Nasha300 x

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where's her shoes?

I was moving Aly and Vanessa around on my suite and I saw that Vanessa's shoes are missing! xD Is this just a weird and funny glitch or will she stay without shoes forever?

And BTW: Don't miss the new free alien thingy on the pic of the day!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pet Awards Club = Free dog things :]

I'm sure you've already noticed, but I'll tell you anyway :)
As you probably know, we can't use a proxy site to join clubs, so we have to use the slow internet proxy :/ If you don't know how to turn on internet proxy:
Log into your stardoll account. Under the adress bar: Go to tools -> internet options -> connections -> LAN settings
Check the "use proxy" box and write in the first square (adress) and 80 in the next one (port) Click okay in all windows.
Now write in your adress bar. The club will take forever to load with the internet proxy, so be patient :P
Join. When you join the club, you'll get that bowl. Go back to tools -> internet options -> connections -> LAN settings and uncheck the proxy.

To get the dog and the dog house as well, you don't need a proxy! :D
Just go to your account and copy your user id.

For the dog house, go to:
You have to browse a picture of your pet and write e-mail, phone number adress etc. but just browse whatever picture you find and write fake information about yourself (if you want to)
I did so :)

For the dog, go to:
You can cancel the downloading if you don't want the game, you'll get the dog anyway.
As usual, you'll find the items in your suite, in gift boxes ;]

How to join Hannah Montana club (if you're not from UK)

Hey! I was surfing around on the internet when I noticed this post in thestardollinsiders. (click to go to the post)
I tried many tips and proxies, but this one did actually work! Just read their post and follow the instructions :) When you're done, watch the trailers (Just click on them, you don't have to watch them) and you'll get the free clothes in your suite.

Huge credits to thestardollinsiders! Their site rules ;]

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

H&M collection at starplaza?

Many people are saying that there will come a H&M collection to starplaza! I knew this was going to happen. But is it true?
Nothing's impossible for stardoll these days ;)

Do you know anything about this? What do you think?