Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Free old Moonacre things :)

I want to give big credits to Jinniy and thestardolljuice, for this information :) Thanks a lot!

If you don't live in England, you must use a proxy. Just go goproxing.com and type stardoll.com in the box and then hit 'browse'. Sign into your stardoll account. Below on the stardoll page, there's a "proxy box" with advertisements and an 'adress' search bar. Paste the URLs there.

Book: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=17939

Necklace: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=17940

Dog: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=17944

Cake plate: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=17993

Piano: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=17977

Piano Chair: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=17990

Chest: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18088

Crystal Ball: stardoll.com/es/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18165

Painting: stardoll.com/es/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18166

Rabbit: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18168

Seashell bed: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18463

Flowers: stardoll.com/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18464

Mirror: stardoll.com/es/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18465

Doll: stardoll.com/es/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18501

Lion: stardoll.com/es/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18502

Unicorn: stardoll.com/es/xml/getMoonacreDoors.php?itemId=18503

Your suite takes forever to load with proxy, so don't wait, just continue with the next URL until your done. For this to work, you must sign out and in again on your stardoll account. You'll find the moonacre items in giftboxes in your suite.

Many of the items are ugly, but they're cool and useful to have :)

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Jinniy said...

Thnak you for giving me and TSJ crdits

Jinniy said...