Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Furniture Recycling

Hey guys :] Anybody have a room that looks like the one above? I know I do.. and I also have alot of furniture that I dont like or doesnt match the other furniture in my rooms. Its annoying because you can only sell what isnt in the minishop anymore. Most of the furniture items stay in the minishop for along time. Stardoll should create a scheme where you "recycle" furniture. Have sometihng you dont want? Click a button and you lose your furniture and gain some stardollars for doing it. That way, people wont have things they dont need :] But they should exclude gifts from this as gifts are gifts.. you cant get rid of sometihng someone bought for you thats a bit mean. They should allow us to create options on our profiles to allow or not allow people to send us gifts. That way people cant waste money on people who dont want gifts. :]
If anyone has any ideas, feel free to comment >:]


FancyNancy94 said...

wooow, that's an AMAZING post! Yeah, I've a LOT of gifts and furniture wich I don't need or I'm not using!
I wish we could take things we bought back and recive the money even if that costs 1 sd!
And your fantasy's brilliant! I wish we could do that things that you wrote down...
Maybe stardoll will realize to listen to us and what we'd really want one day?

Tineni said...

I will love to be able to send furniture as a gift, let's say I'm not using a lamp anymore and a friend need it, I will send it as a gift and SD get one r to SD for the transaction