Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year <3

I hope everyone had a wonderful year, and I know Im going to miss 2009! <3>

xx Taylor

Happy New Year

I hope you all have a lovely night, and celebrate 2010!!
I look forward too creating more stardoll memorys with you all!

xo xo

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Bday Nancy <3

Happy Bday Nancy!! ((: I hope you have a great day girlie&&also have funn!! ((: I hope your 15th BIRTHDAY ROX UR SOX!!! (RanDoM) Haha!! ((: Have a wonderful day...I wanted to tell you before the snow ate me&&I could tell ya!
xx Taylor



I'd have posted about this earlier, but my internet connection was not that good -.-
Did you all see that the VOILE Pattern Boots are shown to be from Antidote?
What is the problem? I mean, they are old - not new. Which means that stardoll actually couldn't be able to make a mistake. They just needed to put them on starplaza again with the symbol of VOILE Archive. It's not that hard, is it? NO.
See it here:

And the Outfit Of the Week will be abooout...
What-you-could-wear on the Red Carpet

inspired by Leighton Meester.

BTW: Happy 15th birthday, Nancy! ;)



January Hot Buys


The new January hot buys are out! 
Check them out below!

Hot Buys Wrap - Voile Jan 1st
Hot Buys Silver Dress - Rio Jan 5th
Hot Buys Purse - Pretty in Pink Jan 30th
Hot Buys Shoes - Voile Jan 14th
Hot Buys Top - Fudge Jan 31st
Hot Buys Bracelet (octopus) - Voile Jan 7th
Hot Buys Cardigan - Pretty in Pink Jan 28th
Hot Buys Coat - Bisou Jan 12th  
Hot Buys Dress - Bisou Jan 26th
Hot Buys Tights - Evil Panda Jan 21st

In my opinion i think that the hot buys this month are pretty good, i will deffinatly buy the tights, shoes and maybe the cardigan and the purse. 

What do you guys think? 

xo xo

New Writer


I'm the new writer on this Ah-Mazing blog!

I'm going to make a header thingy with me on it soon . . .

 My username is LISE_for_ever. But most of you will know me from my comments as Love.Blair. My name is Blair and Love.Blair is my spare non-superstar account! 

I'm looking forward to writing for this blog heaps! So i cant wait!

xo xo 

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tell me!

PrincessHila, here!

I thought that I'd be a good idea to let you decide what my Outfit of the week's will look like. That means you'd tell me what you would like to see.
For example:

funky/ 80's
classic look
Whatever !
I already did a Runway inspired Outift, so I won't make it again, because I already did ;)
I'd be really happy to see your ideas!
Thanks for reading,


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Outfit of the Week!

PrincessHila, here you peeople :D

(you know? pee... ople:D ) Anyway, I've just finished my Outfit of the Week. It was requested by Love.Blair also known as LISE_for_ever. She wanted me to do an Runway Inspired Outfit. So I did. It took me hours and hours to find something.. So I hope you like it, Blair? And of course you others like it aswell! Here it is: Ô.Ô
Inspired by Gucci

RIO Chicas
Long Sleeved Glitter Tee 5,-
Glitter Tee 7,-(SS)
Rio Hand Bag 4,-

Patent Ankle Boots 5,-

Abbey Dawn Skinny Pants 8,-

I know, my MeDoll looks really, really weird but I just wanted to make it look as exact as possible ;)
Hope you liked it!
Thanks for reading,


Saturday, December 26, 2009



What the H?
Remember the belt I told you about, which was at stardoll girl's and VOILE ?
Guess what? They changed the prices. Now both cost the same: 1,-
The actual, old prices were:
stardoll girl's 3,-
VOILE costed 4,-
See it here:

(Sorry for the big print of my name, but who knows, who'll copy?)
I didn't buy it yet.

Thanks for reading,



Me again!

Oh no!
The St.Trinian's Girl's 2. link is not working anymore! At least not for me.
Is it working for you?
This is soo shitty! Sorry. But I wanted the Headgirl's hat so bad!
But now it's not available (for me) anymore. Well, I guess no one can achieve it.
See you later,



I'm back!

PrincessHila here,

I'm back!
Well, I've never been gone anyway but I'm back. I'm feeling much, much better now. Christmas was great. My mum cooked fantastic food like she always does!!
In seven days is my birthday and I'm turning 14. Later then, I'll post the Outfit of the week .
The week's still not over.
So it's not too late, right?

How was your dinner?

What kind of outfit would you like to see? What style?
Let me know in the comments,

thank you for reading,


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ugh -.-

Hey guys.
I'm ill and I'm not feeling good. So I'll write back as soon as I'm feeling better.
And Merry Christmas you all!

Contest results so far

I just wanted to remind you that the ss code contest's still going on and to make sure that you do your best to win the code, I'll give you the results so far. I'm highly impressed of 4 people. Brilliant job, we'd all enjoy reading your sometimes funny, sometimes angry comments! :) But still - Out of 103 followers only 4 people participating? Oh well, they're ruining their own chance for ss :P
Ok, here's the top 4 commentors:
1: tayl0r6298
2: Love.Blair
3: PrincessHila
4: DutchBunii17
Awesome job, guys! Keep it up like that till January the 1st!
And btw, I don't think I'll be on at 30th of December because it's my birthday! (:
Ho-Ho-Ho `Nancy


You're gonna get them on tomorrow's Calendar anyway, but here's the link if you want them a little bit earlier! :D
Just click here and you're done! (:

Thanks to Stardoll's Sorority for this information.
Ho-ho-ho `Nancy (:

Free Dress (:

Merry Christmas/Eve Everyone,
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, Remember is not about what you Recieve. Its what you give, and Jesus Birthday (: I hope everyone has a wonderful Day, and a wonderful tomorrow (:


If you go to The Christmas Calender. Open the 24th, there is a free dress (Ugly, but free). I hope you enjoy it. And Im ready to see what we get tomorrow! Arent you? And my friend Trixie2510 said she found a way to get FREE 25 SD. So I will find out how when she messages me back, and you guys will all be able to hopefully (:

Keep and Thanks for readying (:


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas y`all!

Hope you'll get as many presents as underneath my sd Christmas tree! ;D


Time for new splendid!

Don't you agree that splendid's getting pretty old now? Superstars are already paying much, so stardoll has to afford some new splendid items! -.- Hahaha seems like whatever stardoll does with the site, there's always complainings!

Oh, by the way; The Christmas is coming and I'm curious of what stardoll's going to give us this year! They wrote 'Only a few more days left and we've saved the best for last.' on the news letter.
I wish for a nice dress and money :P At least something big for the superstars, since we're paying way too much for our membership at the moment! >:G
How cool it would've been if all the non superstars got free ss membership for Christmas! :O ... in my dreams heheh :P

Merry Christmas y'all! xoxo (:

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hey guys!
I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday. But I was looking everywhere for something to write about...
And right now, I really don't have a clue about anything. -.-"
But there are "good" news. Non-SS can buy a top, which is not ugly, I think, for only 3,- at the calendar.
And it seems, that stardoll is really really slow!
My wardrobe loads and loads. And it doesn't show up! I'm kind of annoyed by stardoll!
Well, that's actually it.

Tomorrow is my last day of school for this year. And on January, 2nd is my birthday!
I love the winter holidays because of that :D:D

...I try my best to post something on the 24th, 25th and the 26th if I won't be able, I'm sorry, but it's christmas then ;)

I'm tired, and I'm going to bed,
Good night, thanks for reading ;) ,



Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rachel Bilson

Hey guys i havent written for months, just because i have been so busy! But im on school holidays now yay! ( sorry i dont have my banner its on the other computer)

I decided i would do a fashion post because i havent been on stardoll for ages so i wanted to swee what cool stuff they had. This is rachel bilson, a pretty cool celebrity. Check out the fashion ideas i came up with *(that arent very good) Hehe its likke 8 oclock in the morning guys, im a BIT tired. :P

Um.. no?!

PrincessHila/PH. here.
When I checked my e-mails, I saw that stardoll made a mistake again.
They put wrong prices on the clothes. I put the right prices next to stardoll ones.
And there are differences of more than 2 stardollars. Whoops. Stardoll what's wrong with you? Are your workers not paid enough?

And have you actually seen the Striped Bow Blouse ?

I didn't spot it yet, so if you do/did, please tell me where. ;)

Desperate? Maybe!

So...I was visiting PH's page, I started reading her presentation, and got side-tracked by this! Some people just dont have do they? If you cant read the GB Comment it says "Whats your password for stardoll". I couldnt help but post about this because thats just irritating!
And it looks like someone is jealous of PH! It cant be the first...Because PH is outstanding in EVERY catagory! :)

Christmas Calender (Non-SS)

Hey Guys,
Long time no post, and Im SO sorry. Ive been studying hard for the last two weeks of school...And now its time to rest my Brain :)
Anyways, I went to checkout the Christmas Calender for Non-SS because last time I checked it, it was the 4th. So Im just now looking at it again. And I can see I have missed NOTHING!
This Calender is junk! Theres nothing on it, and once again...I BELIEVE Stardoll is sticking up for Superstars again. It seems like just because they pay stardoll money....They get treated better. And we Non-ss get left in the dumps to fend for ourselves.
Should we make a move before it gets worse? Or leave it be? Tell us in your comments!!
Thanks for reading,

Holiday Outfit + Glitches!

Hilary, here. Again.

I was kind of bored. So I decided to do a Holiday Outfit. You can call it however you want to. Voilá:
Clothes, I used:

Candie's Smocked Turtleneck 5,-
Candie's Quilted Shoulder Bag 8,-
Candie's Crista Dress Heels 6,-

VOILE + VOILE Holiday Boutique
(V )Pastel Belt 3,-
(VHB) Oversized Bow Sash 4,-

Stardoll Girls
Pencil Skirt 7,-

To get Candie's Quilted Shoulder Bag(s) look here:
Beige one:
Look for bags, colour beige.

And you can also still get the Hot Buys Quitted Bag from Kohl's:
Look for bags, colour pruple.

While I was looking for the belt in VOILE, I saw this:
Another glitch on stardoll... well, the dress costs "only" 18,- but stardoll accidently made a mistake... again.

Thanks for reading,



It's a kind of Magic!

PH. here.
I got something free for you.
Because there's a contest, for stardolls who live in Poland, you can get a free magic wand from VOILE.
All you have to do is
1. Go to
2. Put into the box
3. Log in, and change the link into this.
And there you are!
A silver magic wand, looks like this one:
Thanks for reading,


Friday, December 18, 2009

New Hotbuys!

Hey people!
New Hotbuys is there. The Hot Buys Fabric Bunny Ears released for 6,- and again, for Superstars. It's really annoying right now! I'd love to buy them, but it's not possible -.- ... Stardoll is getting waayy to greedy and boring this time. They don't get that if NON SS can't buy anything anyway, they won't log in into stardoll, because they know, that they can't afford anything at all. When I first joined in 2007, I thought "...I can buy the DKNY shoes tomorrow" but then tomorrow the shoes were for superstars already and I was like: "OK.. then not!" But a couple of months later everything what had to do with real brands were for superstars. So I'm thinking of not visiting stardoll for a while but I don't know, if I should.
Well, talk to you later!


New VOILE Holiday Boutique! + Minishop

PrincessHila here, guys!
Oh my gee!!
I love, love the new VOILE Boutique!
The new items are cheap and verry nice!
I just bought 3 things from there.
They are great!

I already bought like 6 things from VHB!

And there are new Suiteshop things aswell!
I think they belong to the Ribbons & Bows style, what do you think?
Top, or Flop? Tell me in the comments!


I think... that calling us new writers "lame and flaky" isn't a good start and is not making yourself look good.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Blogger! (me)

Hey everybody reading this!! My name is nicki.dancer1 and I am the new Hot Stardoll Gossip blogger! I promise I wont be all lame and flaky like some of the other new writers! I do have a question though, how do I get a banner like everybody else has??

<3 <3 nicki.dancer1

Amy Diamond!

PrincessHilaaa a. here.
Did you all get an Amy Diamond tshirt?

I did! I don't know how I got it, but I got it!
But. I guess you just have to log in.

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I didn't have a lot of time. Had to go to bed early because I wrote a test in my german class. today

I just bought this amazing Boxy Bow Blazer from stardoll girls for 5,-
I think it's great. I love bows and sequined stuff *.*


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Free Christmas Stuff

Hilary/PH. here ;)
I found out, that the russian stardoll members get two free items for christmas!
How do you get them?
Just follow these steps:
1. go to this site.
2. put in the box, click Surf Now!
3. log in.
4. change the link into:
5. log out, go to your actual stardoll page and there you are!

Thanks for reading,

New LE! Expensive, much?

PrincessHila here!

So. There is a brand new Limited Edition on stardoll. It's like... really expensive. That's probably one of the reasons, why the "cheap" items are almost already gone. :D I don't really think that the clotnes they offer here are worth being Limited Edition. They do look good but not special, excuse me if you think different. Everyone has his/her own opinion, righhhht?

I don't actually have time to post the outfits here because I'm going to go to my dancing lessons.
But you can still go to starplaza, I'm so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so,sooooooo sorry :(

I'll be writing my maths test/assignment, wish me luck!
My friend is seeing me after school, then we'll sew our bags for arts class :)
and in the evening I'll pooooost whatever you like.... I said you can tell me to post whatever you liiike yeeeaah(W/e you like - T.I.) .

Gotta go yoyo


PS: You can tell me what I should write about, tomorrow!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Outfit of the week!

Me here!
I have a new Banner, new colors, and a new outfit of the week! Of course I'll write the items under the picture including the pricess, and where you can find them. Again, they're all under 5,- so that NON SS, like me, can buy them with the Play & Earn Money. So here it is, I hope you like it, write in the comment box thahank you!

bisou :
Lemon Cropped Tshirt 5,-
Checked Clutch Purse 4,-
High Waist Pants 5,-
Mustard Stud Falts 5,-
stardoll Girls
Gold Belt 3,-
Stardoll Tee 4,-
VOILE Ladies :
Industrial Necklace 5,-

I just saw it, when I was looking for the golden belt so..
Watch this:
See? VOILE Ladies and Stardoll Girls -> same belt, different price! So watch out!
Don't pay more than you actually have!

Thanks for reading :)

See you tomorrow,


People wasting their time in my guestbook.?

PerincessHila here, and there. There and here.

(I know, it's PrincessHila but sometimes I say PerincessHila :])
Thanks to the fancy Nancy, we get more comments because of this competition!
I hope, that when the "contest" is over, that you still comment, won't you?!!!!!!!

Anyway, the reason I started to post, was that some stardoll kids/people waste their, sometimes mine too, time leaving comments like the following:
I'll have to translate it, so you understand what she wrote:

She wrote: "Listen! Miley Cyrus is pretty, she has a great voice and she can get tattoos where she wants on her body. GOT IT?!Have a look at yourself! Then you can open your mouth!"
I wrote: " OK. I didn't say anything about her tattoo. Get a life!"
Well, that seems like a fanatic fan. I don't have anything against Miley Cyrus.

Or... tatataataaa:
MissesRetboune pretending to be Jackson Rathbone's(from Twilight) Wife... from Germany :D:D
She wrote:"You're not a princess! Your uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugly!"
Me:"Oh Thanks, how sweet. Don't you have anything else to do than writing in my guestbook?"

And why? Why do some people waste their time on stardoll offending someone, they don't even know? I've been like this 2 years ago. But now I don't give a ... let's say: I don't care :D

And the next post I'll post is going to beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:
Outfit of the week.
And during the week I'll show you how to combine this weird white pearl thing from Pretty in Pink.
Doesn't THAT sound great? :D

gossip girl. :D
Noooo just kidding
(i love gossip girl. mostly Chuck Bass *.*)

PS: Sorry Nancy, it's not really great but I just had to get it off of my chest (?)